Are You Weight Loss Resistant? The Possible Reasons Could Be These

Are You Weight Loss Resistant The Possible Reasons Could Be These

In this article, Dr. Phil McGraw discusses weight loss resistance, a problem affecting many people across the world. He says this can be one of the reasons for rising obesity cases. For many people, weight control is a challenge. They get no result with their weight loss plan, no matter what they do.

Dr. Phil McGraw mentions that poor choices, wrong thinking, bad habits, and emotional over-eating can be the reason for weight gain. Moreover, certain health problems related to individual biochemistry and metabolism might also be linked to increased body weight. He also says that out of 65 percent of the population who is overweight or suffering from obesity, there is a class of people who fall in the category of “weight loss resistant”. If you are in this situation, know that these medical conditions are studied, and there are ways to correct them.

What to Keep in Mind When You Visit a Doctor?

What to Keep in Mind When You Visit a Doctor

Even though weight loss resistance can be developed due to several reasons, a thorough examination by your doctor can tell you the exact reason for the condition. Dr. Phil suggests a few things to discuss with your doctor. He says details of all the prescribed and unprescribed medicines you are currently taking. There are hundreds of medications with the side effects of weight gain. These medications can include anti-depressants, steroids, blood pressure medicines, diabetic drugs.


Dr. Phil says that if you are undergoing any Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and taking other drugs like anti-seizure, let your doctor about it.

He says that if your doctor rules out the medications, there might be hormonal or metabolic problem that your doctor can find after completing the test.

Causes of Weight Loss Resistance

Dr. Phil McGraw says that despite trying all possible ways like exercising, cutting calories, eating healthy, you still struggle with your weight loss plan. It doesn’t matter what exercise or diet you take. What can be the reason?

He says that there can be several factors causing weight loss resistance as given below

  • Medications: Certain prescription medicines have the side effects of weight gain. These medications can include anti-depressants, steroids, blood pressure medicines, diabetic drugs.
  • Poor Sleep Cycle: A study revealed that even after following a perfect healthy diet plan and regular exercise regimen, you’re still at the risk of gaining weight if you are not getting a complete sleep cycle of at least 7-8 hours on a daily basis every night.
  • Metabolic Problem: Metabolism plays an important role in controlling energy expenditure in body. Certain hormonal imbalance can affect your metabolic rate, putting you at risk of developing weight loss resistance.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Just like any other chronic medical problems, hormonal imbalance can bring in some changes in your body. These changes alter the levels of hormones. This will eventually result in weight loss resistance.

Causes of Weight Loss Resistance

How Can You Manage Weight Loss Resistance?

Dr. Phil says you can manage weight loss resistance with a different approach. It might include making changes in your diet and lifestyle. You need to visit a doctor to prevent your weight and health from getting completely out of control.

He further adds that just knowing that you are weight loss resistant doesn’t mean you will live with a life-long obesity. It only indicates that your body has changed in some way. With the help of medical testing, you come to know how to manage your weight in a different way. You can definitely fight against weight loss resistance, if you follow your physician’s advice and comply with the treatment.