Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

A lot has been talked about the benefits of CBD and the internet is flooded with information about its possible benefits. But, is there any drawback or limitation associated with CBD? Does CBD have any side effects?

Well, if you are consuming CBD or just planning to start using it, you would be curious to know about the possible side effects of cannabidiol (CBD). You would definitely want to know how CBD will affect you in every way – positive as well as negative – before you incorporate it in your nutritional routine.

First of all, it is important to note that you would not experience any high with the consumption of CBD. As CBD is extracted from the hemp variety of cannabis plant, it falsely leads people to believe that it is psychoactive, i.e., has mind-altering effects. However, the fact is that CBD oil derived from hemp may only have trace amounts of THC.

A study, published in 1986, studied the effects of CBD oil in patients with dystonic movement disorders (muscle tremors) CBD effects were mild and resulted in low blood pressure, dry mouth, sedative effects and light headedness. This study showed that people with dystonia could be helped by it, but it worsened the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.[1]


Another study looked at side effects caused in patients of epilepsy when they consumed CBD daily for a month. No serious side effects were found, and it was well tolerated by the patients.[2]

Now, we shall look at the potential side effects experienced by a person using cannabidiol. This will give an idea to the user as to whether or not they should use cannabidiol in comparison to similar drugs that may or may not be producing adverse effects. So, they will be able to decide whether cannabidiol should be tried or not.

It must be noted that even though side effects are there, they may be very mild whenever they develop. The University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) has stated that the usage of cannabidiol is safe and is not toxic to the body. It was however considered toxic when it was first isolated in 1940s. The following are some side effects of CBD:

Dry Mouth

A very common symptom experienced by people, who use CBD oil is dry mouth. This symptom should not be a cause of worry. When you experience dry mouth as a symptom after consumption of CBD, all you will feel is being excessively thirsty. This side effect is sometimes known as ‘cotton mouth.’ In medical terms, this side effect is known as ‘xerostomia.’ It is caused by the activity or effects that cannabinoids have on the nervous system.

A study revealed that both cannabinoid 1 and cannabinoid 2 receptors are located in the submandibular gland. This gland is involved for producing saliva. It produces more than 60% of saliva in mouth. Upon usage of CBD oil, these receptors may lead to decrease in the production of saliva, causing dry mouth as side effect.

When there is a condition of dry mouth, one must not go for beer, wine or fruit juice as these may worsen the side effect. One must stick to having water throughout the day. A person can even chew sugar-free gum as this will stimulate the production of saliva, which will prevent this CBD oil side effect.

Dry Mouth for Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

Decrease in Blood Pressure

A common side effect experienced by people on using cannabidiol is decreased blood pressure. It must be noted that this lowering of blood pressure will not be considered as a side effect in people with hypertension as this will in fact help bring down the blood pressure levels, so it may be used as a treatment method.

When a person has normal blood pressure, cannabidiol may bring about a reduction in the blood pressure level, which could lead to low blood pressure.

Patients suffering from hypertension take medications to lower their blood pressure. In this case, cannabidiol may help increase efficacy of the medication by lowering down the blood pressure to normal. It is important to consult a doctor before using CBD products along with medication for treating high blood pressure.

It must further be understood that even a slight drop in the blood pressure is considered a possible side effect of CBD. The side effect may be observed when the chemical is ingested in a higher dose or concentration.

Decrease in Blood Pressure for Dry Mouth for Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?



Although cannabidiol is not psychoactive like THC, i.e., it does not give a feeling of high, it can still lead to drowsiness in some cases. Drowsiness is not a serious side effect of CBD and generally go away after some time. Driving a vehicle is not advised when feeling drowsy.

Drowsiness for Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

CBD and Parkinson’s Disease:

CBD has been shown to be effective in people with Alzheimer’s disease. This can make a person believe that it would be beneficial for Parkinson’s disease as well. However, the opposite is true. When cannabidiol is taken in large quantities, it can induce adverse effects in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

CBD and Parkinson's Disease for Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

Thus, CBD has both positive and negative effects. We have already discussed the downside of using a CBD oil-based product. Now, it is for the user to decide whether they should or shouldn’t go for CBD.