Homeopathic All-Natural Ways to Cure Face Pigmentation

homeopathic all natural ways to cure face pigmentation

Facial pigmentation, also known as melasma, is a condition in which facial skin gets darkened because of the overproduction of a skin pigment known as melanin. When a person is suffering from melasma or facial pigmentation, dark skin patches appear on the face, especially on the upper lip, nose, forehead, and cheeks. Also, the color of the patches varies and can be either brownish, blackish or even bluish.

So, what causes facial pigmentation? In general, the increased production of melanin leads to facial pigmentation. Melanin is responsible for providing color to the skin. The more the amount of melanin, the darker is the skin. The pigment is produced by melanocyte, the cells that are present in the skin epidermis.

But, what is the factor that affects the production of melanin? To be precise, there are various factors that can increase the production of melanin in body. These factors are pregnancy and child birth, use of contraceptive pills, menopause, etc. can cause hormonal changes in women and lead to pigmentation. Also, the factors such as disturbed sleep cycle, stress and exposure to sun can also be the possible reason of facial pigmentation. However, the condition is more common in women as compared to in men.

Is there any treatment for skin pigmentation?

Yes, it can be treated. Generally, if skin pigmentation is caused because of hormonal imbalance in women. It can resolve by balancing the levels of hormone either by natural methods or with the help of hormone therapy. However, in other cases, it can be treated with the help of cosmetic or laser treatment methods.


However, these treatments can possibly cause some side-effects. So, is there any other treatment method? Yes! There are various natural homeopathic medicines that can help in the treatment of skin pigmentation, these are:

1. Sepia Officinalis

One of the best homeopathic medicines Sepia Officinalis or ‘Inky juice of cuttlefish’ is very effective in the treatment of facial pigmentation in women. It is generally prescribed when the pigmentation affects the forehead, cheeks, and nose of a person. It is very effective for women going through hormonal changes during pregnancy or after a delivery. Moreover, it can also be useful for women who face skin pigmentation after menopause.

2. Cadmium Sulphuratum

Cadmium suphuratum, also known as cadmic sulphate, is one of the best homeopathic medicines that can be used for the treatment of facial pigmentation. It is generally prescribed when the pigmentation is caused due to exposure to sunlight. The pigmented spots can be seen all over the face, specifically at the cheeks and the nose. Also, it is also used in the case when the pigmentation responds to wind and gets worsen when exposed to it.

3. Pulsatilla Nigricans

Pulsatilla nigricans is more commonly known as wind flower or pasque flower. If a woman is suffering from facial pigmentation due to menstrual irregularities such as irregular period cycles or suppressed or scanty periods, they are prescribed pulsatilla nigricans for the treatment of their condition.

In case of menstrual irregularities, the pigments appear all over the face in the form of small pigments or freckles. This homeopathic medicine is also useful in the treatment of acne caused because of hormonal irregularities.

4. Lachesis Muta

Just like sepia officinalis, the homeopathic medicine lachesis muta is used for women suffering from facial pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalances after menopause. The medicine is prepared from the venom of a snake species known as bushmaster snake.

This treatment is prescribed when the pigments are bluish-black or bluish-purple in color. It may also be recommended when women show other symptoms of menopause, along with pigmentation, such as mood swings, hot flashes, palpitations, and copious periods.

5. Thuja Occidentalis

When facial pigmentation occurs along with freckles, thuja occidentalis (eastern arborvitae) is the appropriate natural homeopathic medicine for the treatment. It is prescribed when the pigmentation affects the whole face resulting in brown spots all over it and the skin looks dry and dirty. Also, the pigments appear not just on the skin but also on the hands and arms.

6. Berberis Aquifolium

Berberis aquifolium mother tincture is a homeopathic medicine which when applied on the skin can help in the treatment of facial pigmentation (melasma) and is also very effective in curing scars left on the face because of eruptions.

7. Psornium

Psorinum is a homeopathic solution for the treatment of facial pigmentation. It is generally used when a person’s skin is greasy and oily, along with itchy pigmentation patches. It also found to be very effective to cure acne called acne vulgaris, either papular or pustular.

8. Sulphur

Sulphur is a widely used homeopathic medicine for the treatment of various skin conditions such as rashes and acne. Also, it helps in the treatment of facial pigmentation, especially for dry skin. It is generally prescribed when symptoms such as irritability and burning sensation are observed by a person, along with facial pigmentation. Moreover, it is also effective for people whose skin has been subjected to other cosmetics or ointments.

These homeopathic medicines are effective in both men and women. Also, all these homeopathic medicines may not be appropriate for everyone. A doctor prescribes these medications after examining the symptoms and causes of skin pigmentation.