CaviRinse Side Effects – Causes and Effects


Category: Dental

Drug Name: CaviRinse

General Usage: Used to Reduce the Number of Cavities

Brief Info about CaviRinse in Drug:


Generic name of this drug is sodium fluoride. It is marketed under some brand names like Control Rx, Aquafresh, CaviRinse, EtheDent, Dentagel etc.

Fluoride has been found to be useful in decreasing the number of cavities in our teeth. Fluoride is present in drinking water naturally. Some areas of the country do not have enough amounts in the water to prevent cavities, so extra amount of fluoride may be added to the diet. Some children need both topical & dietary fluoride treatment by the dentist. Use of fluoride toothpaste may be useful.

CaviRinse Side Effects Explained Better:

Side effects are the main problems linked to almost all medicine, be it CaviRinse or some other medicine. Well, a drug does not show similar side effects on different people. That’s why our medical health provider prescribes a drug to us after knowing our sex, age, way of living, our current condition or environmental factors etc. This is the reason why prescribed medicines cause fewer adverse effects as compared to non-prescribed drugs. Remember that your doctor has recommended this drug because she/he has judged that the benefits to you are more than the risk of side effects.

You must inform your doctor about mouth problems like mucositis, sores etc, and swallowing problems such as dysphagia or if you are allergic to any ingredient in CaviRinse before you commence using this medicine. Let your doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding because this medicine may pass into breast milk.

Different kinds of side effects have been mentioned below caused by CaviRinse.

Frequent CaviRinse Side Effects (Commonly Seen)-

These side effects are very common while using CaviRinse. It is not mandatory that all people who are using this medicine will perceive this side effect; they may or may not feel it. You must contact your doctor if below mentioned side effect continues for a long time before the situation turns nasty.

  • Skin inflammation

Infrequent CaviRinse Side Effects (Professional Point of View)-

These side effects occur in less than one percent of patients. However, you must take prompt medical attention because they may cause life-threatening health problems.

  • Discoloration of teeth due to excess fluoride
  • Hives
  • Reactions due to an allergy
  • Hives
  • Canker sores
  • Sore on the lips & in the mouths

Get immediate medical assistance if you feel any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction as mentioned above.

CaviRinse Overdose Side Effects (Require Immediate Medical Attention)-


When sodium fluoride is consumed as a supplement or in drinking water does not cause any side effects but kick up unpleasant effects once an extra dose of it is gulped down intentionally or unintentionally. Whatever may be the reason, you must contact poison control centre or must make a move to your doctor at once.

CaviRinse Drug Interaction Side Effects (Due to Reaction with Other drugs)-

Certain medicines should not be used together without your medical health care provider’s advice because drug interaction may occur if you do not let your doctor know about various drugs that are recommended by other doctors & over the counter medications such as- vitamins, minerals, herbal products etc. 

Remember: Don’t start, halt or change the dose of a medicine on your own until your doctor asks you to do so.

CaviRinse Prolonged Use Side Effects (When Used for Longer Periods)-

Our body gets adjusted to a drug when it is used for a long time. So, small changes in the doses of drugs like increasing or decreasing quantity etc by a doctor will definitely affect our body system. Always use the drugs exactly prescribed by a doctor.