10 Common Causes of Episodic Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeds is a commonly occurring phenomenon that mostly taken place in individuals age 10 years or older adults of age more than 50. People who suffer from frequent episodes of nose bleeding every week experience the maximum amount of discomfort. Nose bleeds are classified into two categories- one being the anterior nose bleed that occurs when the wall between the two nostrils gets damaged due to the reckless scratching of the nose. The other type of nose bleed is the posterior nose bleed which gets triggered far inside the nose and is less common as compared to the anterior nose bleed.

Nose bleeds can be triggered by several causes, today we will deliberate on the most common causes that trigger nose bleeds.

Here are the 10 most common causes of nose bleeds


Cause No. 1: Dryness in the surrounding

Your surroundings and climate can make a huge impact on the overall health of your nose, an environment with harsh weather conditions like dryness or dustiness can lead to the situation of nose bleeding. The inner layers of the nose get cracked and start bleeding due to the great lack of moisture and the presence of excessive heat.

Cause No. 2: Habit of nose picking

The biggest reason as to why most of the little children experience nose bleed is the habit of constantly picking up the nose. The perpetual scratching of the inside of the nose with the dirty fingernails can lead to nose bleeds.

Cause No. 3: Excessive blowing from the nose

People who suffer from frequent nose allergies and colds are most likely to blow down air from their noses which may result in nose bleeds. As during a cold, the inside of the nose gets filled with an excessive amount of mucus and to spray out the deposited mucus people tend to blow out more air from their nose which ultimately leads to nose bleeds.

Cause No. 4: Nose fracture

An individual suffering from a nose injury that results in a nose fracture is most likely to experience nose bleeds. Noses are usually fractured when the septum in between the nostrils is damaged through external pressure.


Cause No. 5: Respiratory allergies

Allergies that interfere with our breathing process also open the blood gate from the nose and they orchestrate excessive nose bleeds and itchy nose. Constantly being in the state of allergy can also result in the deformed structure of the nose.

Cause No.6: Excessive medications

Excessive exposure to medications can directly result in nose bleeds. The aggressive use of allergy medication dosages can lead to unusual dryness. Excessive mucous membranes dehydration can result in bleeding and discomfort.

Cause No.7: Sinus infections

The sinus infection is caused by the presence of bacteria that fill the inside of the nose with mucous and result in itching and bleeding. Even though infection of the sinus is not actively associated with a bleeding nose, the symptoms of the infection gravely damage the nose.

Cause No.8: Placement of foreign bodies in the nose

Excessive entering of foreign bodies in the nose can ultimately result in the damage of nostrils wall which leads to nose bleeding. Highly common in children who put chalk sticks, pebbles, and their toys in their noses.

Cause No.9: Drug and substance abuse

Addicts who regularly snort drugs or other intoxicating substances through their nose usually experience nose bleeds, and on top of the substance addiction prolonged over a period of time can result in greater damage to the nose and other vital organs of the body.

Cause No.10: Dislocated septum

The septum is a wall between the two nostrils that play an instrumental role in the breathing process. However, a damaged or dislocated septum due to external injury or genetic defect can lead to a lifetime discomfort of a nose bleed and incorrect breathing.

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