Why headaches are so frustrating

why headaches are so frustrating

Headaches can take a toll on your life. Recently, Researchers at Duke University conducted an experiment on mice. They found that sensory neurons present in face and brain are directly linked to emotional centers in the brain. The sensory neurons in other body parts are only indirectly linked to this emotional hub in the brain.

These findings could help develop effective and tailor-made treatments for headache and facial pain. Doctors generally focus on treating the sensation of pain. However, this study emphasizes the need of the treatment of emotional aspects of pain.

According to the study author, Fan Wang, a professor of cell biology, pain in head and face activate the emotional centers. This observation would help understand chronic head and face pain more profoundly, and also develop treatments that could be beneficial to people.

This study was published in the journal, Nature Neuroscience.



Source: drugs.com