Study says exercise could benefit advanced breast cancer patient

study says exercise could benefit advanced breast cancer patient

Breast cancer has become one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women. Though efficient treatments are capable to offer some relief from the disease; common treatment side-effects like body pain and headache significantly disturb the lives of patients. A new study shows that a planned exercise regimen, including aerobic and physical training can eliminate problem among women; thereby raising the quality of their life.

The study included 15 women, aged 34-68 years, who had been receiving treatment for advanced breast cancer and were not doing any regular exercise. During the study, 8 women were enrolled in an exercise program for 12 weeks, while the rest 7 were given normal care.

When compared with normal-care patients; women, who exercised daily, experienced improved heart condition, psychological health as well as reduced fatigue and body pain. “This is a small group of patients, but the results suggest that this is something worth exploring for a much larger group of women” commented study author, Eduardo Oliveira, professor of exercise physiology at the University of Porto at Portugal University.

She is hopeful about the study results that might allow the inclusion of exercise in care programs designed for the well-being of advanced stage breast cancer patients.


Oliveira is also concerned about the unawareness of exercise benefits and stated, “Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness among health professionals about the therapeutic effects of exercise, and that needs to change. We also need more sports scientists studying, working and researching in this area.”