Serum zinc deficiency associated with melasma

serum zinc deficiency associated with melasma

Melasma is a skin condition that occurs due to exposure to sun. It is generally present on the face in the form of light brown macules or patches. Until now, studies had not been conducted to evaluate serum zinc level in patients with melasma. This study aimed at measuring serum zinc levels in people with melasma in comparison to healthy individuals.

In the study, around 120 patients with melasma and same number of healthy controls were examined. The two groups had equal numbers of males and females and were also matched for age. Atomic absorption spectrophotometry was used to determine serum zinc levels. Statistical analysis was done to obtain the results.  

Serum Zinc deficiency was found in 45% of melasma patients and in 23% of controls. History of taking oral contraceptive pills was found in 95 women with melasma. Around 11% of melasma is related to sun exposure, 15% to pregnancy and 6% to emotional stress.

It has been concluded from the study that there is a significant correlation between low levels of zinc and melasma. Patients may be supplemented with oral zinc tablets for positive outcomes. Further research is needed to make any solid recommendation.