Race for energy; brain beats muscles

race for energy brain beats muscles

A recent research reported that when both brain and muscles are competing for the energy then the brain gets the preference.

The researchers at a British University conducted a trial in which, they tested 62 elite rowers with an average age of 21 years. The rowers reported that when they had to think and use muscle power at the same time, then the brain was the first to get the required energy.

The researchers said that this is an evolutionary trait as the faster brain rate might have helped the ancestors in their survival.

Danny Longman, said, “The development of an enlarged and elaborated brain is considered a defining characteristic of human evolution, but one that has come as a result of trade-offs”. He further added, “The selfish nature of the brain has been observed in the unique preservation of brain mass as bodies waste away in people suffering from long-term malnutrition or starvation, as well as in children born with growth restriction.”