Lose 14 Pounds a Month with This Revolutionary Injection

lose 14 pounds a month with this revolutionary injection

A new hormone injection has been developed by British scientists that could help lose 14 pounds of weight in only 4 weeks.

This effect of this injection is similar to that of gastric banding. As of now, it is being referred to as the most exciting and innovative treatments for obesity.

The human trials conducted by experts from the Imperial College London are on the verge of completion and they suggest that people ate 30% less food post receiving the injection.

Scientists revealed that the injection has helped many people with diabetes go off their medications. So, it has high success rates.


The research included 20 patients, who received three hormones via a pump and patch for about 28 days. Every recruit lost 4 to 5 pounds of weight. Thus, the treatment is almost as effective as an operation for weight loss.

Sir Steve Bloom, the lead researcher, hopes that the treatment will be available as a painless injection in the coming five years. It’ll be a very exciting thing to boost the health that has just been discovered.

Earlier it was thought that gastric band surgery reduces the amount of food that the stomach holds. But, people experienced increase in the levels of satiety hormones and they ate less fatty foods, so it also curbed cravings.

This new injection remakes these hormones to mimic the effect without the requirement of an operation.

Tricia Tan, the formulator of the hormone, said that when you put on the pump, you do not feel really hungry. It gives a feeling as if you’ve had a big meal and you feel pretty full. This also normalizes blood sugar levels, so people might discontinue taking diabetes medicines.

Moreover, doctors can change the dose, so that people, who want to control their diet, can use it. This treatment is safe as the hormones mirrors the human physiology. The findings will soon be published in a medical journal.