Loneliness – Problem Affecting Kids and Adults


Loneliness is not a not a new topic of discussion as it affects most of us at some point of life. Nowadays it is a quite common condition majorly affecting adults all-round the globe. This is a serious complication which gradually damages the brain, immune system, and can also lead to drastic risks of depression and eventually to suicide. Let’s know more about loneliness and what are the ways to escape this dark void in life.

When we feel lonely, we lose our abilities to cope even in common life situations as we feel more stressed than others. It also affects sleep, causes irritation and make you smoke in some cases which increases the risk of premature death.

This issue has increased deliberately over the past few decades. The number of people living with loneliness has increased by about one-third in the United States as compared to the scenario in the 1980s. About 21% to 31% of the people of the UK confided that they feel lonely sometimes and this graph is estimated higher in other parts of the world.

Not just the adults are face this problem. The facts are shocking as kindergarteners and first graders have also reported feeling lonely and detached from others in the school environment.


Loneliness is a tricky situation as people can even feel alone in a crowded room. It’s a mental state bothering the mind. Doesn’t matter how much you interact or talk with others, loneliness will still haunt you.


What Actually Loneliness Is?

Loneliness is a distinction between the quality and number of relationships that you wish in life and those you actually have in reality.

For reference, if you have only two friends and a great understanding with them and they meet your mental and other needs, you’re not lonely at all. But, a person can feel alone in a crowd in presence of known or unknown faces without any connection.

*Loneliness is not only based on how you feel and think about yourself and others.

You will start to behave differently because of less control over your mind and body. A chocolate will look more tempting to you more than those fancy dinners, your body will also feel less motivated to move, and aggressive nature will develop over time.

Studies have shown that non-lonely people hanging out with lonely people are more likely to develop this state by themselves. Lonely people would make others question about their existence in the world.

Like happiness, loneliness is contagious, the more you spend time with happy people, you have the maximum chances to overcome the dreadful. Sometimes unaffected people start moving away, as a result, lonely souls start to feel more rejected and become judgmental.

There is also a gene of loneliness that can transmit over generations but this doesn’t mean you’ll end up all alone. It only affects your social connection and stress on your mind, it is totally up to you to manage the situations. This gene will decrease your chances of developing relationships and you’ll feel more pain of being alone.

Loneliness is responsible for deaths of men more than of women as it affects them the most. It also shows that men are less resilient and somewhere in deep also more depressed than women who are lonely.

How to escape it

From improving your social skills to increasing the people you love, these are some of the things that one can do to overcome this mental illness of loneliness. But, there is one thing that can change your perception how you see the world is realizing that people are not doing things purposely and they really wish to meet you but time is limited and they have some other jobs to do for their survival. Just try not to feel annoyed, depressed, and focus on the good.

Don’t hold on to your ”failures” because life goes on with the flow, you only have to break the walls of mistrust and cynicism and let people interact with you. Getting rid of loneliness could become harder if you won’t come out of your shell.

So, next time when you meet someone new, keep your protective shield aside and just realize the outcomes. Hope you get something and believe me, things will be fine, very fine!