Increase your chances of getting pregnant with effective IVF treatment

increase your chances of getting pregnant with effective ivf treatment

Using fresh donor eggs instead of frozen eggs may increase the chances of healthy pregnancy through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment; suggested by a recent study.

Most of the IVF treatment centers use frozen donor eggs as they are easy to incorporate and are cost efficient while the fresh donor eggs have certain complication during the coordination with recipient.

A study reported that the success of IVF treatments did not depend on the types of eggs used, but showed success when a single embryo was transferred. The chances of healthy pregnancy can be enhanced by transferring single embryo instead of taking 2-3 embryos.

The data from the research was presented at annual meet of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, San Antonio, Texas and includes the analysis of 30,000 IVF cycles for a period of three years in the U.S.


The study was reported by one of the research scientists, Dr. Alex Polotsky, He stated, “The most impressive finding that has relevance for all patients undergoing IVF is that performing the transfer with one embryo greatly increases the chance of a healthy baby, the desired objective in IVF.”

He also said that attaining pregnancy is not just enough, but achieving a healthy on is more important; and so, the doctors as well as the patients should focus on the same.