A Gym in San Diego is Linked to COVID-19 Outbreak

san diego gym linked to covid-19

US has seen an unprecedented rise in Coronavirus cases. People have been strictly advised to follow social distancing norms, wear face masks, and avoid large gatherings.

Accordingly, areas like Gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc where there are chances of large gatherings and hence high chances of contracting the virus have been shut down.

However, a Gym in San Diego named Pacific Beach Gym has been held responsible for the outbreak of coronavirus cases. This was confirmed by San Diego County health officials. The Gym remained open for a few days during the last week of July even after it was ordered to shut down operations. The Pacific Beach gym was sent a letter on July 23 and told to close immediately, but continued its operations until July 27.

Although the exact number of persons who have tested positive due to the Gym is not known but at least three people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus who were affiliated with the Gym. The Gym now faces charges of a misdemeanor and a fine of $1,000 for its actions.


San Diego County has reported 28,287 COVID-19 cases and 552 deaths and emphasized they need to crack down on businesses that violate health and safety guidelines.

Gyms and swimming pools have been placed on high-risk lists by infectious disease experts. It has been observed that the airflow is poor in Gyms. Exercise increases the frequency and depth of breathing, so there is a potential impact of increased aerosols at this time. Aerosols are the small particles people exhale when breathe or talk that could contain the virus. Since it is difficult to use masks during exercise, there is a potential danger of contracting the virus inside the Gyms.