9 Signs of Illness Written All Over Your Face

9 Signs of Illness Written All Over Your Face

When a doctor examines you, what does he look at? Don’t you think your facial foible gives away if there is something wrong or not. A critical aspect is identifying the illness in a timely manner. Discussed below are some signs that will reveal if something is wrong with your body.

Dry skin and lips:

Irrespective of the weather, if you find your skin peeling off all the time, it is suggestive of an underlying health condition. Dry skin and lips indicate dehydration or more severe psoriasis [1]. It also indicates more serious issues and implies that you must also get yourself checked for diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Dry skin and lips

Undesirable facial hair:

If you find that there is too much of hair on chin, jawline, upper lips it could signal hormonal imbalance. Facial hair in women may also imply that they may be suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOD and PCOS) [2] in which basically the male hormone levels are elevated.


Undesirable facial hair

Yellow spots on eyelids:

These lesions filled with cholesterol indicate higher risk of heart disease. These patients have greater likelihood of hardening of arteries and many of them may have a heart attack as compared to those without them.

Yellow spots on eyelids

Bags under your eyes:

Puffy eyes and eyebags are not only serious concerns from beauty perspectives but they also signify that there may be some underlying health issues. When your eyes look tired and puffy, you may be having chronic allergies, my friend. Yes, you heard it right!

Bags under your eyes

Pale complexion:

If you find that there are changes in complexion or your skin has become pale, there may be health issues underway. Yellow sheen on skin indicates you have anaemia  [3].

Pale complexion


Rashes on the face and back may indicate disorders like digestive issues. Skin may also flare up due to Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) [4] which affects the large intestine.


New moles:

Generally, moles should not worry you but if you develop new moles, you should speak to your doctor to rule out any abnormality. You must even watch the existing moles for any change in color, bleeding, border or itching.

New moles

Hair loss:

This one is a no brainer. Hair loss always signifies something deeper but if you are losing hair from your eyelashes and eyebrows, you should take it as a warning sign. Not only is stress the cause for hair loss but also autoimmune disorder could be playing. There is a disease called alopecia areata in which hair follicles get damaged by the immune system.


Hair loss

The face looks different:

If the symmetry of the face gets disturbed, it is a sign of stroke. When you look in the mirror and your face feels asymmetrical do not ignore the signs and speak to a doctor immediately without delay.

The face looks different

So, when doctors speak to patients, it is not just about developing rapport. Some traits reveal there may be some health conditions underlying. The most important tip that we take away from this article is that you should worry about change in appearance and speak to your physician if the symptoms are new.