Decavac – Information, Uses, Side Effects, and Dosage

tetanus and diphtheria

Drug Trade Name – Decavac

Category- To Treat Tetanus Prophylaxis

Generic Name- Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids

Group- Vaccine Combinations

Introduction and Quick Information about Decavac:

Decavac belongs to a group of medications known as Vaccine Combinations. Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids is the generic name of Decavac. This drug is used to prevent or treat diphtheria infections and tetanus.

Diptheria creates a thick lining in the nose, throat and airway passage. it makes breathing difficult, heart problems, paralysis and eventually death.

Tetanus also known as lock-jaw or tightening of the muscles of the body. The painful contraction of the muscles is called as lock-jaw as it can contract the jaw muscles of the affected person strong enough to restrict the opening or even swallowing making it a very painful condition.

Diptheria is a contagious disease while Tetanus is a blood-borne disease spreads through skin wounds.

The vaccinations for the prevention of these diseases are to be taken in the age of 7 years and onwards. Vaccination works by injecting a small segment of the causative bacteria into your blood and induce the acquired immunity to prevent you from the diseases in the future. Vaccinations doesn’t treat any existing or active infection.


Is Decavac Approved by FDA?

Undoubtedly, Decavac is an effective medication for treating diphtheria and tetanus. However, there is no solid evidence that this drug is approved and permitted by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or not. So, do not take Decavac without the consultation of your healthcare provider. 

Usage and Benefits of Decavac:

Decavac is taken to help treat tetanus and diphtheria in adults and children (at least 7 years old).

This medicine comes in the form of vaccine. This vaccine acts by exposing you to a little amount of a protein or bacteria from the bacteria that causes your body to grow sufficient immunity to the illness. 

Decavac does not prevent any chronic infection. Like other vaccines, this medication does not give protection against infection in every person. That’s why you should consult your healthcare provider immediately. 

Decavac Side Effects:

This medicine may lead to dizziness. You may feel some unpleasant adverse effects if Decavac is used with some specific medicines or alcohol. You should use this vaccine very carefully. Do not try to perform unsafe tasks like driving as you may meet an accident.

Inform your dentist or doctor if you have had any dental or medical care, emergency care, or surgery before start using Dacavac. Tell your medical expert if you are taking some other vaccines during medication of Dacavac otherwise you can experience various unwanted side effects which can be life-threatening. 

Take a look at adverse reactions of Decavac:

• Mild fever 

• Headache

• Minor pain 

• Redness at the injection site 

• Tiredness 


• Swelling

• Blistering at the injection site

• Muscle spasms 

• Fainting 

• Tingling in the legs or arms 

• Numbness 

• Vomiting 

• Persistent or severe dizziness

• Persistent or severe muscle weakness

• Fever

This is not a complete list of side effects as you can notice some others also. Get immediate medical help or call your medical practitioner right away. A prompt action may help you get out of dangerous situation. 

General Recommended Dosages of Decavac:

This vaccine is a series of 3 vaccines. After the first shot given at the age of 7 years, boosters are given at an interval of 4-8 weeks and the third followed by it after 6-8 weeks. The boosters are advised for a re-administration in every 10 years throughout the entire adulthood.

If the last dose was given five years back or more and you are exposed to any tetanus infection, you are advised to take an immediate booster shot.

Follow your doctor’s instructions or the schedule recommended by your local health care provider.

In case I Miss my Dose?

If it has slipped from your mind to take your regular dose on time, take it the moment you remember. However, if it is a time to take your next scheduled dose, you should skip the missed dose and take your regularly scheduled dose. Never think of having a double dose to make up for the missed doses otherwise you can face many unwanted side effects that have never been imagined by you.     

Sufferers should call their medical expert if they forget to take their scheduled dose of Decavac; talk to your medical expert at once and tell him/her everything if you have skipped your regular dose of Decavac.

In case I Take Overdose? 

Overdosage of vaccinations are evry unlikely to happen.

Drug Interactions of Decavac:

Some medicines may interact with Decavac. You should tell your doctor if you are using other medications together with Decavac. Actually many doctors say that interactive drug can cause various severe reactions.

• Anticoagulants (warfarin) because the chance of bleeding at the injection area may be heightened.

• Immunosuppressants (cyclosporine), Corticosteroids (prednisone), medications to prevent cancer and some other medications which may make your immunity system weak because they can diminish the effectiveness of Decavac. 

This is a partial list of an interactive drug. Ask your medical professional if Decavac may interact with some other medication that you use regularly. Go to your medical practitioner before you change, stop, or start having any medicine.

Life Style and Food Habits you must follow when on Decavac: 

Be regular to visit your doctor’s clinic for a follow up. discuss all the daily basis habits like your preferred diet plan, meal patterns, exercising routine, etc with your doctor thoroughly.

How safe is Decavac for Pregnant Women or Nursing Mothers?

Decavac may cause dangerous effects on your unborn child. Inform your doctor if you are expecting or planning to become pregnant while you are using this medication. 

It is also not known whether Decavac is found in breast milk or not. Maybe this medication is injurious to your nursing child. Do not use this medication if you are pregnant or if you are experiencing any unusual signs. Do not use this medicine without telling your healthcare provider while breastfeeding to your new-born baby. 

Complications and Conditions Possible due to prolonged use of Decavac:

Prolonged use of Decavac may cause numerous side effects which are actually injurious to your health and body. Even several doctors also say that avoid taking medication for more than recommended duration. Extended use of any drug is actually not useful to your whole body system. Sometimes the long-term use of a drug may impose a risk on human life. 

Use this medication as recommended by your medical healthcare professional or as directed on a label of medication box. Prolonged use of any drug can make your body system resistant to it. In most of the cases, long-term use of drugs may increase the risk of many health complications. So try to avoid using Decavac for longer than prescribed duration. 

Better you talk to your physician & discuss everything about extended use of Decavac if you want to use it for a longer period.

Availability of the Decavac:

You can easily get Decacav at any drug store but it is still not known that this medicine is permitted by FDA. So, it is not easy to say that Decavac is available at any government approved medical stores only with a prescription under the expertise advice.