Hair Oils – How Effective Are They in Hair Growth

hair oils how effective are they in hair growth

At some point of time, all of us have decided to grow our hair long. This is because long hair looks really gorgeous and enhances our looks. Also, we often look out for suggestions from various people to find out ways that can help us improve our hair growth. And of course, someone would have suggested you using hair oils like coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, or lavender essential oil. But, are they really effective for improving hair growth? Let us discover different aspects of use of hair oil for hair growth.

Well, focusing on the most basic aspect, i.e., healthy hair is the key to hair growth. If your hair is healthy, they grow long and shiny. But, if you are suffering from hair problems like dandruff, hair thinning, or hair loss, you can’t expect your hair to grow long. Thus, it is necessary to keep your hair healthy. But what can help you in doing so? Well, the answer is hair oils. It is proven that oiling your hair regularly can be helpful in making the scalp healthier, thus promoting hair growth. Hair oils like coconut oil and castor oil are rich with essential nutrients and fatty acids that can be essential for the health of scalp. Oiling the hair also safeguards them against environmental factors such as pollution.

Not just this, hair oils also support hair regrowth in people, i.e., when people suffer from hair loss, they often get confused about what to do. Well, the solution is here, all they need to do is use some hair oil to massage their scalp regularly. This can be really effective in improving the growth of hair and can also bring the dead hair follicles back to life, promoting hair regrowth. To be precise, all hair oils can provide effective nutrition to the scalp and can improve the growth of hair by the hair follicles. So, hair oils can be the foundation of healthy hair growth.

But, is this the only aspect of using hair oils? Are they always effective for your hair growth? Well, the answer is not all the time! It is not always that hair oils can help in hair growth. There are times when the use of hair oils can cause side effects and can be harmful for hair. This is because not all hair oils are good for all the hair types. For example, let us consider coconut oil which is widely used for improving the growth of hair. Sometimes, people with dry hair observe harmful side-effects such as brittle hair and hair loss when they use coconut oil on their hair.


Also, some people think that applying too much oil can be good for their hair. But, this is where they go wrong. Sometimes, too much oiling can clog the pores that supply oxygen to the hair follicles and thus can cause hair problems like hair loss. So, this isn’t always necessary that oiling is always good for your hair, there are times when it can be harmful. But, when used accordingly hair oils can be effective for improving hair growth and can also promote a healthy scalp.