Evergreen Health Tips to Learn This Summer

Walk More to Stay Healthy

Summer has finally arrived! It reminds us of heat, excessive sweating, dryness, skin problems, and much more. With the blazing sun of summer, you need to know how to keep yourself healthy. As environmental temperature fluctuates, your body requirements also change. But, if you follow a healthy routine, your body will remain energetic, fit, and disease-free. Here are few healthy tips which can be used to stay healthy all year as suggested by Dr. Oz

Walk More to Stay Healthy

Another year’s summer has arrived. So, are you ready to have refreshing beverages, lemonade, cold fruit salads, smoothies, and ice-creams? You might have a misconception that most of the weight gain occurs in winters, but this is not true. Above mentioned summer foods do contain a high number of calories and fat. But this doesn’t mean you need to follow the weight management regimen in summers only.

You should be prepared for an exercise plan [1] which will keep you fit and healthy throughout the year. Get ready with a water bottle and comfortable shoes. The main aim is to get your legs muscles moving. This can be done by walking, jogging, cycling, running, doing aerobics for minimum 30 minutes daily.

This is up to you how you manage to include exercise in your routine. But, you should not give stress to your body. Initially, you should start with 10 minutes exercise, then eventually increase it to 30 minutes.


Few ideas what Dr. Oz suggests include joining a community center, gym, recreational or local sports team. You can also include a 30-minute physical activity in your daily routine or participate in music and dance.

Stay Hydrated

Water is very important as it helps in proper functioning of your body by promoting digestion, body temperature regulation, and immunity. Water is lost from the body in doing regular physical activity. Hence, continuous work and no water supply leads to a dehydration. On an average, your water loss per day is 2150-2450 ml that equals to 10-11 glasses of water in the form of sweat, urine, and breath. So, you should always stay hydrated (9-13 glasses of water) to maintain a water balance in your body.[2]

In general, a hydrated body helps you remain energized, fight against cellulite, and prevent weight gain.Always carry a water bottle with you when you go out. Also, you can keep a glass of water nearby and take a sip very frequently.

If you have a doubt whether you are dehydrated or not, a few signs of a dehydrated body[3] such as mouth and skin dryness, constipation,[4] feeling thirsty, dizziness, etc. can indicate that you need to rehydrate your body.

Stay Hydrated

Use of High SPF Sunscreen

The sun rays especially UVA and UVB are very harmful for your skin. So, to protect your body from sun rays, you should apply sunscreen [5] on your skin regularly. Sunscreen, also known as sunblock, is available in various forms like lotions, creams, and gel spray. The only thing which you need to look in your sunscreen is its sun protection factor (SPF) number. Greater the SPF higher the protection. You should prefer using sunscreen with SPF 30 or 30+.

To protect your head and eyes, you should wear hat and sunglasses. Various other SPF containing products are lip balms and makeups. Preferably you should apply sunscreen to stay protected.

Use of High SPF Sunscreen

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