Workout at Workplace! Stay in Shape Forever


Exercise in office while at work! Well, we have no plans to get you fired from your precious job. We completely understand the importance and value of a workplace in one’s life. And that’s the reason we are not going to ask you to go to a nearby gym in the morning or evening before or after office hours, to fight your obesity or weight gaining tendency. How your busy schedules, improper sleep, erratic food timings and endless family expectations take a toll on your health is something that most of us are well aware of. We don’t wish to add more burden by telling you one more thing to add in that air tight schedule. If despite trying various tricks and ways to get set to work out in the morning hasn’t worked out properly, don’t give up or blame yourself and burden yourself under its pressure. It’s a known fact that it has become difficult for many, in fact most of us, to take out an hour or so for a proper workout these days coz the list of pending works only gets longer. In fact, there are studies to prove that show lots of Americans don’t get the time to do the basic exercise that they need.

But since workout should definitely be a part of one’s routine and is now a necessity to keep oneself fit and fine in order to continue working uninterruptedly, here we bring you some simple tricks to help you keep active and well engaged in your physical and mental fitness, even while at office. And if there’s any sort of workout one could do in office, we’re sure you’ll be more than happy to do it, as it will not only be physically relaxing but mentally as well. Above all, it will fight any sort of laziness and keep you more alert, attentive and active. So, here we go…



Basic stretching of body parts i.e. of legs and arms while sitting in a chair is good enough to keep your body flexibility intact. Remember, your basic motive should be not to let your body get rigid. Sitting for hours and hours continuously may come across as a very sincere act but is not considered healthy at all. “My editor never liked my sitting in chair continuously for hours. She always used to ask me to get up and take a walk on terrace,” says a journo colleague. Make sure to stretch your body parts slowly and gradually and not at all abruptly, as this could lead to a sprain. Stretching your legs while sitting in chair and rotate your feet one by one clockwise and anticlockwise will help you get your legs relaxed. For neck stretching, slowly tilt your head toward a shoulder and hold for five seconds and do it similarly on other side too. This helps keep your neck muscles flexible and relaxed. In fact, doing any sort of stretching while sitting and standing will help you stay fit and active.



Squat is one of the best exercises that can be done anywhere, doesn’t require much space and is considered extremely healthy. It is of great relevance especially to those who spend a lot of time before computers and on the desk job. But while doing squats make sure to keep your back straight. This might be one of the ways you were punished in school but here doing squats in office will help you strengthen your over all body. Doing it five to ten minutes every day in office hours won’t make your boss angry but surely help you look fitter and leaner. Try once.



You don’t need dumbbells or any other equipment to stay fit while at workplace. Just try not to use elevators while stepping out for a cup of coffee or any other thing. Don’t sit continuously for hours. Simply walk around to interact with colleagues and that is another simple way to keep oneself hale and hearty. There’s nothing like this simple looking and not at all tiring activity when it comes to keeping oneself active completely from top to bottom. Also try not to chat over mail with your office colleagues all the time. Instead try and visit them. This will not only refreshes you but will also help you feel better and surely healthier. Feeling good is a great sign of being hale and hearty.


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Bending sidewards, slowly and gradually, simply for 5 minutes every day in office can help you cut the side flab, that fat which you’ve been trying to cut for a long time but due to erratic office schedules have failed to do so. Here in office, by doing this simple workout you can surely fight that irritating flab. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the major reasons leading to obesity and unhealthiness. Any health expert will tell you to do bending exercises in order to keep your body flexible and fight fats. So, why not in office?



It’s a very simple act but it’s extremely important for those who, by and large, spend a lot of time before computer screens. Not many are seen doing this in offices but to keep one’s eyes healthy and clean, it’s important to splash water on eyes at regular intervals. In fact, this simple habit, if followed properly and regularly, could help one keep his eyes cleaner and healthier.
These are some of the very basic office exercises or practices which hardly require 10-15 minutes and can be done anywhere without making you feel tired. Generally, people are seen missing out on workouts due to their laziness, inability to get up early, failed to take out time for a workout and thinking about the tiredness followed afterwards. Since the tricks that we have shared above required none of these, doing this workout in office hours will neither exhaust you nor let you live with guilt of not doing enough for your body. Please try these easy and basic workouts, we promise you that in less than a fortnight, if done properly and regularly, you will feel healthier, more active and surely better, from inside and outside. Give it a shot!

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