Weight Loss Diet Plans

weight loss diet plans

Obesity, in the last few decades, has emerged as a global epidemic. Sedentary lifestyle, busy schedules, unhealthy food habits and intense competition at workplaces; all just contribute to obesity. Moreover, these factors make it difficult for a person to take necessary steps to overcome this problem.

A menace to our health and wellbeing, obesity is a gateway to serious conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases. Thus, it is really important to manage it before being preyed upon by such grave conditions.

While physical activity in the form of exercise and aerobics are beneficial to fight obesity. Moreover, yoga helps in weight loss. And switching to a better diet plan can do wonders in effectively managing obesity.

Some of the food items that you should include in your daily diet plan for weight loss are discussed below:



You can give a healthy start to the day with the following items:

Use Whole wheat bread. No-fat, No-sugar Cream, Chopped baby spinach, peppery arugula.

Mid-Morning Snacks

Consume these only if you are hungry. What all you can have as mid-morning snacks are listed below:


The following food items you can include in your lunch:

Salad: Add all the veggies, berries and other fruits to your lunch, garnish with non-fat cream and wine vinegar. Your metabolism will be on boom and calories will still be under the limits. An ideal dressing for your salad can be:

Turkish Sandwich: Freshly roasted Turkish breast with two slices of low-sodium bread garnished with veggies of choice.
A mix of green and other veggies: A mix of green and other veggies in the ratio 1:2 dressed with vinegar (balsamic or white). For salads, you can use any kind of veggie or fruit. You can try yellow squash, sweet potatoes, cucumber, red cabbage, red bell pepper and so on.
Note: Always abstain from any kind of oil. Even a thin quoting of oil can boom the calorie level by as much as a double scoop of ice-cream.

Italian White Bean Soup: Its main ingredients are:

Vegetarian Chili: Look for a low-sodium variety.
One-Ear of Corn: Corn has low calorific value and is rich in fibers.

Mid-Afternoon Snacks

Consume the following food items only if you are hungry:



The last meal of the day may include the following:

Desserts (Only if you feel hungry)

Preferably, consume once a day, and that too, only if you are hungry.

You can include any combination of above-mentioned food stuffs in your weight loss diet plan. However, the major focus should be on reducing daily calorie intake without neglecting the nutrition aspect. This might vary from person to person; depending on the multiple factors, such as body type, weight, height, age, basal metabolic rate (BMR). Hence, it is recommended to consult a dietitian or nutritionist before following any specific weight loss diet plan.

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