Secret Exercises that Help in Rapid Weight Loss

Secret Exercises that Help in Rapid Weight Loss

You might have heard people saying, “I am unable to fit in my favorite dress!” or “I have to attend a marriage next week, but I look so fat!” Well, the point is to highlight the fact that we all have had experienced situations in which we need to do a rapid weight loss. And, to many us, this is one of the most puzzling of situations that a person could face. You are left with no answers for how to lose weight in such a short span of time.

Thankfully, there is a solution out there – a perfect mix of weight loss exercise and diet plan can help you lose weight in only a couple of days; may be just 7!

Weight Loss in Just 7 Days!

If you want to lose weight in just 7 days, you should stickily follow the weight loss workout regimen. The exercises may include:

1. Warm up
2. Aerobics
3. Yoga


1. Warm Up:

Before exercising, a physical exertion is necessary for your body and this can be achieved with warm-up exercises. Several warm-up exercises are:

  • On the Spot March: You have to start marching on the spot, and then make forward and backward movements while moving your arms up and down in rhythm.
  • Heel Digs: In this, you have to do alternate heel movements. You have to place your heels to the front alternatively.
  • Knee Lifts: In this exercise, you have to keep your back straight and hold your hands at your waist level. Now, try to raise knees to touch the hands alternatively.
  • Shoulder Rolls: Along with “on the spot marching,” start rolling your shoulders forward and backward 5 times each.
  • Knee bends: In this, you have to lower your body until you partially bend your knees. Your arms should also be raised in the outward direction.
  • Warm-up exercises should be performed daily. Apart from these, you can include dancing, rope jumping or walking a few times up and down the stairs.
S. No. Warm up Exercises Duration
1. On the spot march 3 minutes
2. Heel digs 60 times in 60 seconds
3. Knee lifts 30 times in 30 seconds
4. Shoulder rolls 2 sets with 10 repetitions
5. Knee bends 2 sets with 10 repetitions

Weight Loss in Just 7 Days! for Secret Exercises that Help in Rapid Weight Loss

2. Aerobics:

Cardio exercises are sometimes referred to as aerobics since they both give similar results. For immediate results, you should do any of the cardio exercises for 30 minutes per day. These include:

  • Walking: You should start with 2000 steps per day and then, increase it to 10,000 steps a day.
  • Running: If you run at a pace of 6 miles per hour, a weight loss of 365 calories per 30 minutes will occur.
  • Cycling: You should do cycling for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Swimming: Swimming is the fastest method to lose weight. You should do swimming along with all other exercises on a daily basis.

Aerobics for Secret Exercises that Help in Rapid Weight Loss

3. Yoga:

Yoga asanas or postures are known to be highly effective in weight loss. Tadasana is the yoga pose, which reduces your belly fat. To perform this, stand on your toes with raised hands. Try to hold yourself in this position for 20-30 seconds and repeat it 10 times. Surya namaskar – a group of 12 yoga postures – helps reduce overall weight of the body. It includes stretching of whole body muscles.

Yoga for Secret Exercises that Help in Rapid Weight Loss

Additional Do’s of Weight Loss:

For a one-week weight loss plan, you should also include several other things in your routine and these are:

  • Adequate Hydration: You should drink at least 2.7 liters of water per day. This helps manage your appetite and boost your energy level.[Source]
  • Proper Sleep: You should sleep an hour more than usual. This can help you lose around 6 kg weight in a year.
  • Healthy Diet: You should eat small portions of food at a time and should avoid eating junk foods, artificial sweeteners or sugary drinks.

Additional Do's of Weight Loss

Diets for Rapid Weight Loss:

Exercises alone cannot help you lose weight. There are some specific diet plans that should be strictly followed by the people, who want to quickly lose weight. You can choose any of the diets and should follow this once weekly, continuously for 8 weeks. There are mainly 4 types of diets that can lead to an average weight loss from 3.5 to 10.4 pounds.[Source]

  • The Atkins Diet: This diet is also known as the low-carbohydrate diet. This the most suitable diet for weight loss.
  • The LEARN Diet: LEARN stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitudes, Relationships, and Nutrition. This diet is considered ideal for weight management, and encompasses factors, other than diet and nutrition, that are necessary for weight loss.
  • The Zone Diet: This diet includes the perfect ratio of carbohydrate, proteins and fats.
  • The Ornish Diet: This diet primarily focuses on the less calorie intake from fat.
S. No. Diet Consumption
1. The Atkins < 20 gm to 50 gm carbohydrate per day
2 The LEARN 55-60% calories from carbohydrate and < 10 % from saturated fat
3. The Zone 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat
4. The Ornish < 10% calories from fat

Diets for Rapid Weight Loss