Watch Moyo! The Rescued Baby Elephant Who Is Enjoying The Life

Baby Elephant

The beautiful video is about Moyo – a 14-month-old orphan elephant, who lives in Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, the only baby elephant sanctuary in that country. Moyo was rescued from the wild when he was lost, almost drowned and separated from the herd. But ever since he was rescued, Moyo enjoyed the environment of the house.

Roxy Danckwerts – the Refuge founder, started by allowing him climb on the furniture. Now, he enjoys the taste of houseplants and searches the kitchen. He has also developed the ability to open the fridge with his trunk and grabbing bread as well as fruit off the work surfaces.

The little cute elephant also loves to chew the silver cutlery. Roxy, who is seems to be very obsessed with Moyo, said, “He’s a naughty elephant”. She also said, “He’s too big for the sofa now – he’s going to break it.”

Roxy has been saving these animals for almost 20 years, but Moyo is the first elephant she had. The baby elephant was found on the Kariba Lake coasts, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Roxy and her team search for his herd but could not find anywhere. The Rescuers now believe that Moyo might have been swept away by the strong currents of Kariba.

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Things got worse when a pack of hyenas came close to the baby elephant. Roxy’s team immediately intervened and brought him to the sanctuary.

At that time, he weighed less than 9 stone, and it was a matter of concern because an elephant calf expected to weigh around 14 stone at birth. Now, things are totally fine as he is a healthy 18 stone baby who is enjoying the life at the sanctuary.