There is always a HOPE when you don’t stop trying; This video is a PROOF!


Running in marathons or even half-marathon is not that easy task. It takes sheer courage and grit to even think of it. At a point, people start feeling that they have nothing left be it their energy or the possibility to cross the finish line.

Here we’re sharing an incidence with you all wherein a woman participated into Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon and once she was very near to the finish line her legs started giving up, although she was trying her best to make it but unfortunately her energy was not allowing her to do so.

At the very same moment, two runners who were closer to the finish line showed really a kind gesture and helped her out to cross the line without caring their own chances to win the marathon.

And it became even more interesting when a third one jumps in and did a fantastic job what you’ll see in the video.
Although they didn’t win the marathon but they did win the hearts of millions for sure. If this video made you feel mushy and moved you in a way, please share it with your friends.