10 Incredible Man-Made Islands You Desire To Settle Down

Man-Made Islands


Our world is full of Islands, which are scattered across the world. And all these Islands have their own specialty. Some of them have a massive population, some are absolutely isolated, some have exceptional greenery while some are entirely barren. But the most surprising Islands are those, which are called man-made islands or artificial islands

And if you are thinking that what is so special about these man-made Islands, it is all a human effort. It is not that easy to create an entire island where you can plant a tree, make houses, offices, hotels and make people move in and settle there. The money, planning, efforts and dedication what it takes, is beyond our imagination.

Let’s look at some of the amazing man-made islands which are quite popular.

10. Notre Dame Island in Canada

Notre Dame Island in CanadaImage Source: 

In 1967, the City of Montreal (Quebec) was required to build a metro system for the event ‘Euro 67’. In order to build that, the authority was required to dig out a massive 15 million tons of rock. Thus, they came up with the brilliant idea to use it – they made an Island on the Saint Lawrence River.

9. Wilhelmstein in Germany

Wilhelmstein in GermanyImage Source: 

Wilhemstein was built on the largest lake in northwestern Germany – Lake Steinhude. The Island was built between 1765 and 1767 after William, Count of Schaumburg-Lippe, gave the order. Fishermen took rocks over in their boats and dropped them in the water.

8. Treasure Island in USA

Treasure Island in USAImage Source: 

This artificial island was initially a shoal off the coast of San Francisco. The city noticed that the shoal was a threat for boats, thus, they decided to construct the island in 1936, under the supervision of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Island was completed in 1939.

7. Hulhumale in Maldives

Hulhumale in MaldivesImage Source: 

Most of the people know that Maldives is a tropical country but it is also a home to a man-made island – Hulhumale, which is 0.7 square mile. In 2004, People first started moving onto the reclaimed island. At the end of 2016, the population of the island is 40,000.

6. THUMS Islands in USA

THUMS Islands in USAImage Source: 

The THUMS Islands were built in the year 1965 in Long Beach of California. Basically, it is a set of four man-made islands, and the name of the Island is nothing but the acronym of the five companies who took the responsibility to construct it. They were 1. Texaco, 2. Humble (now Exxon), 3. Union Oil, 4. Mobil and 5. Shell.

5. The World in United Arab Emirates

The World in United Arab EmiratesImage Source: 

Dubai is quite popular for man-made islands. ‘World Islands’ is one of their most exciting projects. In the year 2003, the construction was started on the islands, but the project suffered a setback because of the monetary crisis in 2008. Since then, the group of 300 islands that frame the seven continents, is sinking into the Persian Gulf.

4. Amwaj Islands in Bahrain

Amwaj Islands in BahrainImage Source: 

Amwaj Islands is a group of beautiful man-made islands in Bahrain. In 2002, the construction work started and from the starting, it was designed to be a smart city.

3. IJburg in Netherlands

IJburg in NetherlandsImage Source: 

The man-made Island is located in the IJ Lake and it has been raised from the lake. The Island involves 6 small islands – Steigereiland or the Jetty island, 3 Rieteilanden or Reed islands – Large, Small & East and Haveneiland or Harbour Island – West & East.

2. The Pearl-Qatar in Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar in QatarImage Source: 

Qatar has one of the most exceptional man-made islands across the world – the Pearl-Qatar. The construction of the Island took around 10 years and the task was accomplished just 3 years ago.

1. Palm Jumeirah in United Arab Emirates

Palm Jumeirah in United Arab EmiratesImage Source: 

The construction of the man-made Island began in June, 2001. At that time, the developers announced that they will handover the first residential units by 2006. In 2007, 500 families were already there on the island with around 75% of the possessions were ready to hand over. By the end of 2009, around 28 hotels were opened.