Chibroxin Side Effects – Causes and Effects


Category: Ophthalmic Anti-Infectives

Drug Name: Chibroxin

General Usage: Ophthalmic Anti-Infectives

Brief Info about Chibroxin in Drug:


Generic name of this medicine is Norfloxacin Ophthalmic. It is sold under a brand name known as Chibroxin. Norfloxacin ophthalmic is used to cure eyes infections caused by bacteria. It is an antibiotic.

Chibroxin Side Effects Explained Better:

Side effects are the undesired effects of a medicine besides its desired effects. Every drug causes adverse effects that may or may not be hazardous to your health. Some people hesitate to take a medicine thinking of its side effects. People may face the unwanted effects after swallowing a huge amount of medicine accidentally or intentionally. Prolonged use of drugs may also cause some unwanted effects in the course of time. Drug interaction takes place when two or more medicines are consumed together that lead to unwanted effects.

Have a look at all types of side effects that are given below-

Frequent Chibroxin Side Effects (Commonly Seen)-

These side effects are not injurious to health & can be treated by you or your doctor easily. If you are not comfortable with them, you must make a move to your doctor immediately.

Here are some less serious side effects-

  • Stinging
  • Eye burning
  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Tearing, or sensitivity to light
  • A bad taste in your mouth
  • Eyelid swelling, eyelid itching or crusting

Note: If you are taking norfloxacin ophthalmic to diagnose a corneal ulcer, you may observe a whitish bulge on the ulcer. This indicates that medicine is working properly. You need not worry.

Infrequent Chibroxin Side Effects (Professional Point of View)-

Well, infrequent side effects have not been reported so far while using Chibroxin. If you have some unusual feeling during treatment, get medical assistance without delay.

Chibroxin Overdose Side Effects (Require Immediate Medical Attention)-

An overdose of Chibroxin is not likely to occur. If you think that you have gulped down an extra amount of this medicine, splash your eyes with fresh water at once & call poison control center or an emergency room. If you have ingested drops by mistake call emergency canter immediately but before that drink plenty of fluid.


Chibroxin Drug Interaction Side Effects (Due to Reaction with Other drugs)-

Almost all medicines have the potential to interact with other drugs. Better you shun consuming other medications or drops while using Chibroxin. You should always follow your medical healthcare professional’s advice when it comes to how to take a particular medicine. Notify your doctor if you are taking non-prescribed drugs, alcohol, and tobacco to be on the safer side.  

Chibroxin Prolonged Use Side Effects (When Used for Longer Periods)-

When a medicine is used for a long time, it does not work as efficiently as it should have been and may require higher doses to get the same effect as when consumed initially. You should notify your medical healthcare professional if it halts working well.