CeeNU Side Effects – Causes and Effects

Category: Cancer & Oncology

Drug Name: CeeNU

General Usage: To Treat Certain Types of Cancer

Brief Info about CeeNU in Drug:


Generic name of this medicine is Lomustine. It is marketed under a brand name called as CeeNU.

It is used to cure some types of cancer. It acts by slowing or halting the growth of cancer cells. CeeNU is an alkylating agent that is being used to diagnose cancer.

CeeNU Side Effects Explained Better:

With some drugs, all patients will perceive adverse effects. For instance, certain types of cancer treatments will cause diarrhea & hair loss because the anticancer action of the drugs also affects other healthy cells in our body. If you are having this kind of drug, the adverse effects will be closely monitored by your medical health care provider.

Let your doctor know if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, consuming any prescription or non-prescription drugs or you have a history of heart, kidney, bone marrow, lung, liver problems or have a fungal, bacterial, viral infection (eg, chickenpox, shingles).

Side effects have been divided into some groups on the basis of drug interaction, overdose, prolonged use of medicines, and severity (such as – frequent & infrequent).

Frequent CeeNU Side Effects (Commonly Seen)-

Common side effects are as follows-

If your symptoms do not improve in the course of time, check with your medical health provider the sooner the better.

Infrequent CeeNU Side Effects (Professional Point of View)-

Never avert your gaze from severe effects and make a move to any nearby hospital, pharmacist or your doctor.

CeeNU Overdose Side Effects (Require Immediate Medical Attention)-


CeeNU overdose Symptoms may include-

As soon as you notice these symptoms, you must contact PCC (poison control center) or your doctor immediately.

CeeNU Drug Interaction Side Effects (Due to Reaction with Other drugs)-

Drug interactions may occur due to lack of knowledge about various active ingredients that are involved in the relevant substances. So it is important to shun drug interactions due to unpredicted outcomes. Inform your medical healthcare provider if you are using any of these drugs-

CeeNU Prolonged Use Side Effects (When Used for Longer Periods)-

CeeNU reduces bone marrow function & lowers the count of WBC (white blood cells) & platelets in the blood. This may increase the risk of bleeding problems or severe infection especially if you already have been suffering from bone marrow suppression.  The risk is greater if you consume this drug for a long period of time.






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