Cavan One Omega Side Effects – Causes and Effects

Category: Diet & Nutrition

Drug Name: Cavan One Omega

General Usage: To Treat the Deficiency of Minerals or Vitamins

Brief Info about Cavan One Omega in Drug:


Generic name of this medicine is Prenatal Multivitamins without Vit. A with Folic Acid, Minerals, Iron, & Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It is sold under some brand names like Triveen-One & Cavan One Omega.

Cavan One Omega is mineral, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin, iron & mineral combination. It gives minerals & vitamins to our body to full fill the nutritional requirements.

It is used to diagnose the deficiency of minerals or vitamins before, after & during pregnancy & while breastfeeding.

Cavan One Omega Side Effects Explained Better:

Side effect is a general term that means undesired effect pertaining to a medicine or drug besides its pleasant effects. Well, don’t get shocked when you notice some unwanted effects during the consumption of a particular drug because each drug is likely to kick up negative effects and so is Cavan One Omega.  Most adverse effects are expected but few are unexpected that occur all of a sudden and might prove to be harmful to human life. People who indulge in bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc are more prone to develop adverse effects due to drug-drug, drug-food interactions.

Look at the below-mentioned side effects caused by Cavan One Omega-

Frequent Cavan One Omega Side Effects (Commonly Seen)-

Here are some common side effects-

If you have doubts about side effects, contact your doctor. Call your doctor for medical advice about adverse effects.

Infrequent Cavan One Omega Side Effects (Professional Point of View)-

Infrequent side effects caused by Cavan One Omega may include-

As you feel these above listed adverse effects, don’t ignore them & you must run to your doctor immediately before the situation becomes bothersome.


Cavan One Omega Overdose Side Effects (Require Immediate Medical Attention)-

Cavan One Omega overdose symptoms may include-

Contact the emergency room or local poison control center right off to get rid of them.

Cavan One Omega Drug Interaction Side Effects (Due to Reaction with Other drugs)-

Let your healthcare provider know if you are using below-mentioned drugs to be on the safer side-

Risk of bleeding may be increased in presence of Cavan One Omega.

Risk of adverse effects caused by above-listed drugs may be increased in presence of Cavan One Omega.

Effectiveness of above-listed drugs may be reduced by Cavan One Omega.

This is not a complete list of all interactions that may take place. If you are a little bit skeptic about some other drugs that may interact with it, you should ask your doctor.

NOTE: Check with your doctor before you commence, halt, or change the dose of any drug.

Cavan One Omega Prolonged Use Side Effects (When Used for Longer Periods)-

No side effects have been seen so far while consuming this medicine but the chances of their occurrences are always there. So, it is mandatory that your medical health provider check your progress at regular visits to make sure that Cavan One Omega is working properly & doesn’t kick up any adverse effects.




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