Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness

Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness

According to a 2009 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, yoga helps in improving libido and enhances the desire to have sex. It also has a profound positive impact on the three phases of intercourse that is arousal, orgasm and sexual satisfaction. But, how is it happens? What yoga does is it simply increases the blood circulation to the pelvic area. This in turn, stimulates and activates the body, increases the levels of oxygen inside the body and strengthens focus.

The highlight is that everybody enjoys sex as it is a very pleasurable activity. Yoga helps you attain balance – spiritually, emotionally, physically and even sexually. It is well known that yoga reduces the levels of stress and increase energy of a person. But, do you know that yoga can play a vital role in boosting your sex drive and improving your sex life! Practicing yoga can help you gear up for your sexual activity. Yoga teaches a person to live in the moment, breathing one breath at a time. It helps people connect with themselves and establish a connect with their partners at all levels, including sexually.

It is widely accepted fact that regular practice of yoga can improve a person’s flexibility, self-esteem, awareness of self, and energy levels. It may come as a surprise to you, but yoga improves a person’s libido too.

Some yoga poses are discussed below that could bring a wave of passion and exhilaration in your bedroom:


Cat/Cow Flow

This pose makes the spinal column flexible and provides strength to the pelvic muscles. Pelvic muscles are the ones that contract during orgasm. By making these muscles strong, one can achieve intense and controlled orgasm.

This pose further relieves stress, which helps in having better relationships. It is performed by bringing the hips over the knees and shoulders over the wrist. Inhalation should be done while the back remains arched and belly is drawn in the spine. Next, you must exhale while dropping the belly and lifting up the heart.

Cat/cow flow for Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness

Happy Baby Pose

This pose is good for relieving a person from stress and anxiety. It helps relax lower back, glutes and sacrum, and strengthens the spine and hamstrings by stretching them. It calms down the nervous system and helps get rid of tiredness. One gets sense of fun and joy while practicing this pose.

The same fun and joy are needed while having sex, so this can be translated to your bedroom. Happy baby pose be performed by bending the elbows and bringing the knees towards the arms and then, by pressing your lower back on the mat.

Happy Baby Pose for Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness

Eagle Pose

In this pose, one must actively squeeze the inner thighs. When they are released, blood and oxygen flow to the pelvic area, making you ready for a passionate make out. The ease with which the pose is performed helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

To perform the pose, align the body’s major joints down the center. Stretch your shoulders by lifting up your elbows. The belly has to be drawn towards the spine and the tail bone should be pointed downwards.

Eagle Pose for Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness

Upward Facing Bow or Wheel Pose

This pose is good for giving energy to the body. Backbends stimulate the nervous system and helps release adrenaline hormone. This pose helps stretch hip flexors; thereby, leading to more intense orgasms.

Start by placing your feet close to the glutes. Place hands along the ears-shoulder width apart. Index fingers are to be pointed towards the body.

Wheel pose for Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual WellnessDownward Facing Dog

This pose works by calming the mind and charging the body. These two are important for sex. Taking this position improves blood circulation and relieves tension. When the navel is drawn into the spine, digestion becomes better and one feels rejuvenated. It also helps in maintaining muscle tone and gives you confidence.


In this pose, hands are placed shoulder-width apart while the fingers are spread widely. Index finger points towards the top of the mat. Legs should be kept straight, while allowing the body to make an upside-down V shape.

Downward facing dog for Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness

Seated Wide Angle Forward Bend

This is highly beneficial for those having low sexual desire. In this pose, inner thigh and groin area is stretched. This leads to greater blood circulation to the pelvic area. It also helps in relieving anxiety and calming the mind, which helps create intimacy.

To perform this pose, sit with a straight spine. While you exhale, bend your torso forward. Lengthen forward by bringing your navel towards the spine.

Seated wide angle forward bend for Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness

Shoulder Stand

This pose stimulates the production of hormone and balances thyroid and hypothalamus gland. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and brings about calmness and serenity. Shoulder hand pose activates your throat chakra, making it easier for you to express your fantasies and desires with your partner.

This pose is performed by lifting the chin away from the chest. Take the weight of the body on the shoulders and not on the neck. Place your hands on your lower back.

Shoulder stand for Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness

Lotus Pose

It is believed that lotus pose kills diseases and awakens the kundalini, which rests at the base of the spine. This is a sort of meditation. It helps you stay in the present moment, so that you can create magical connection with yourself. This apparently makes you sexier.

To get into this pose, cradle leg into the arms. Support the knee with one elbow and the ankle with the other.

Thus, yoga helps you in manifold ways. Translate your playfulness on the mat into your bedroom. Remaining adventurous and connected with self and your partner will give you a host of sensual moments together. So, do yoga and have fun with your partner.

Lotus pose for Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness