Infertility in Men – Temporary Condition with Fast Treatments

Infertility in men - Temporary condition with fast treatments

Inability to conceive a child despite trying for 6 to 12 months can be a distressing situation for any couple. In contrast to the common belief, male is the infertile one in about 20% of such cases. Knowing that a man cannot father a child can be a psychologically disturbing fact for a man. But, are all cases of male infertility permanent? No, it isn’t!

Infertility in men refers to an anomaly in quantity and quality of sperm in the ejaculate. This situation doesn’t always point in the direction of a major underlying cause. Most of such men may be experiencing a momentary phase of reduced fertility. This can be attributed to various lifestyle factors and medications.

A cause as minor as taking sauna can cause a temporary reduction in sperm count due to heat-exposure. But, it is a completely reversible situation. Other similar causes include prolonged sitting, overweight, consumption of alcohol and tobacco smoking. Use of illicit drugs can render a male infertile temporarily. Gym-goers on steroid supplements can also face this situation as anabolic steroids can impair sperm production.

However, it is essential to understand that infertility caused by these factors can be dealt with effectively. It is crucial to immediately address this condition without hesitation to avoid its dire consequences. Male infertility can be treated with several lifestyle changes, following some effective home remedies and adhering to drug-based treatment under medical supervision.


Some of the fast treatments to overcome temporary male infertility are described below:

Life-Style Changes

1. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is directly linked to male-infertility. Higher nicotine level decreases the sperm count. One should refrain from smoking.

Avoide Smoking for Infertility in Men

2. Don’t Wear Skin-Fit Garments:

Skin-fit undergarments and jeans increase the temperature of scrotum. Heat can reduce the functionality of testicles that may result in low sperm count. Try wearing loose clothes, especially undergarments, and give your testicles some air to breath.

Dont wear Skin Fit Garments for Infertility in Men

3. Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol negatively affects sperm production. Too much of alcohol consumption can lower your sperm count. If you are looking to overcome temporary infertility, consume alcohol in moderation.

Avoid Alcohal for Infertility in Men

4. Loose Some Pounds:

Obesity is the underlying cause of a majority of health problems and male infertility is one among them. Being overweight, causes hormonal imbalance, which further results in decreased sperm count.

Loose some Pounds for Infertility in Men

5. Don’t be a Gym Freak:

Excessive physical exercises can decrease your sperm count. If you want to be in shape and maintain optimal sperm count, the best bet is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Don't be Gym Freak for Infertility in Men

6. Detoxify Yourself:

Exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides, chemicals and hazardous gases take a toll on your sperm count. Hence, it is necessary to regularly detox one’s body with techniques like hydrotherapy, detox water, juice fasting to restore your health and normal sperm count.

Detoxify yourself for Infertility in Men


7. Avoid Using Steroids:

Anabolic steroids can damage sperm by interrupting hormones responsible for producing sperms. In fact, it takes 3-4 months for a person to attain normal sperm health after stopping the consumption of anabolic steroids.

Avoid using Steroids for Infertility in Men

8. Have Balanced Diet:

Deficiency of vitamin C and zinc – necessary for prostate function – can lead to infertility. A balanced diet is always recommended for proper functioning of testicles.

Have Balanced Diet for Infertility in Men

9. Take Creative Steps to Tackle Stress:

Instead of consuming antidepressants, engage in some recreational activities to deal with stress. Antidepressants are selective serotonin inhibitors that might alter your hormonal balance, leading to temporary male infertility.

Take Creative steps to tackle stress for Infertility in Men

10. Stay Away from Illicit Drugs:

Illicit drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and LSD can drastically ruin your sperm health and testosterone levels. You should completely abstain from doing such drugs. These are also known to negatively affect the movement of sperm within the male reproductive organs.

Stay away from illicit drugs for Infertility in Men

Home Remedies

Home or natural remedies to overcome temporary male infertility works by boosting the level of testosterone and increasing the sperm count. You can easily find them in your kitchen.

1. Include Pomegranate:

According to studies pomegranate helps enhance longevity in bed. It boosts fertility by increasing the sperm count.

Include Pomegranate for Infertility in Men

2. Use Dates Before a Date:

Dates help in overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction. You must consider incorporating it in your daily diet if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or has a weak erection.

Use Dates before date for Infertility in Men

3. Tomatoes Can Get You a Real Hit:

Tomatoes are one of the best antioxidants. It helps in detoxifying your body and improves the motility of sperms. Tomatoes are more effective when processed, so try incorporating tomato puree and add a little olive oil to facilitate the absorption of its active ingredients.

Tomatoes can get you a for Infertility in Men

4. Add Some Walnut to Your Salad:

Studies have shown that adding around 75 gm of walnuts to your regular diet can help improve vitality, morphology and motility of your sperm.

Add some walnut flavor to your salad for Infertility in Men

5. Pumpkin Can Rescue You out of This Abyss:

Pumpkin seeds are small mines of zinc, which has a crucial role in testosterone production and sperm development.

Pumpkin can rescue you out of this abyss for Infertility in Men

6. Be Acidic with Lentils:

Lentils are the richest source of natural folic acid. Folic acid is equally important for male as well as female fertility. Sperm with lower levels of folate are at a higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

Be acidic with lentils for Infertility in Men
Be acidic with Lentils

7. Taste Some Berries:

Berries, especially blueberry is a wonderful source of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, including resveratrol and quercetin. Quercetin helps maintain sperm motility and quality, whereas resveratrol improves sperm count.

Taste Some Berries for Infertility in Men

8. Be Little More Chocolaty:

Chocolate, specially dark chocolate is a rich source of the L-arginine – an alpha amino acid – which helps increase the volume of sperms per ejaculation.

Be little more Chocolaty for Infertility in Men

9. Stick to the Roots:

Maca roots are known for the treatment of infertility in both men and women. It helps in maintaining optimum hormone levels.

Stick to the roots for Infertility in Men

10. Go out in Rays:

Studies have indicated that a vitamin D-deficient body can be infertile. Sun is a natural source of vitamin D, and going out to get some rays can help improve your fertility and sperm count.

Go out in Rays for Infertility in Men

11. Get Some Protein-Rich Diet:

Protein are the building blocks of human body. Appropriate amount of protein can help overcome infertility. Some rich sources of protein are meat, egg and fish.

Get Some protein rich diet for Infertility in Men


Researchers have found that approximately five weeks of acupuncture therapy can help reduce structural abnormalities in sperm, and significantly improve the volume of sperms per ejaculation.

Acupunture for Infertility in Men

Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs for men helps by increasing libido, stimulating blood flow to reproductive organs, increasing semen production and stimulating hormone production.

Fertility Drugs for Infertility in Men

Some of the common drugs used to treat male infertility are as follows:

1. Clomiphene: It helps by increasing the production of pituitary hormones, the luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. They stimulate the secretion of testosterone and help produce healthy sperms.

2. Letrozole: They help by increasing sperm count.

3. Bromocriptine: It checks the production of prolactin hormone, which is responsible for reducing testosterone levels.

4. Imipramine: It is used to treat retrograde ejaculation. It checks the anomalous ejaculation of sperm from the bladder.

5. Antibiotics and Antifungal Drugs: These are particularly used to cure bacterial and fungal infection of reproductive organs.

Consulting a doctor is highly recommended before taking any of the drugs discussed above.