Tips to Reduce Your Sleep Quota and Increase Quality of Sleep

Tips to Reduce Your Sleep Quota and Increase Quality of Sleep

Sleep is the servicing time for a body to get rid of impurities and to repair the damage at the levels- energy level and cellular level. In the course of time, how much damage is done to your body is important in deciding the time you need to sleep. If there is too much friction within you, the damage will be maximum. However, if there is less friction, your body will be well-lubricated and well-aligned, hence you will have reduced sleep quota. Sadhguru considers a four-hour sleep daily unlike seven to eight hours of sleep.

Here are few tips by Sadhguru for reducing your sleep quota and increasing sleep quality:

  • Consuming fresh foods: Sadhguru advises consuming food within ninety minutes of cooking it. With increasing time, the cooked food will start developing inertia. By consuming foods with greater inertia, body will become lethargic and require longer sleep periods. Eventually, the body will require more energy to counter that inertia which will in turn lead to increased sleep quota. It is, therefore, advised that you must consume cooked food within 90 minutes of cooking it.
  • Eating good quality foods: It is very difficult to get good quality foods nowadays.  Farmers, middlemen and sellers have sole purpose of selling foods for commercial success. Our body’s fuel requirement is not met with these foods. However, the system can absorb only certain aspects of these commercially produced foods, and not all the aspects.
  • Eating simple foods: Consuming simple foods helps in digestion. This kind of food will naturally reduce the sleep quota considerably. However, consuming complex foods loaded with calories, chemicals, fertilizers, refined sugars, and preservatives tend to take too much time in digestion, thereby increasing the sleep quota to about eight to nine hours a day. Sadhguru observes that lots of antacids are consumed in the U.S. which shows a considerable population suffering with heartburn due to consumed foods. This reveals that people in the country, on an average, have an increased sleep quota.
  • Being in a joyful state throughout the day: Sadhguru advises that you must keep yourself in a joyful state throughout the day. Being in a joyful state will reduce the damage done during the day, thereby reducing the servicing and repairing downtime of the body. It will induce a perfect alignment of your body, mind, and emotions. This will surely reduce your sleep quota and increase the quality of sleep.