Sadhguru’s Guide to Inner Wellbeing and Happiness

Investing Time for Your Inner Wellbeing and Its Importance by sadhguru1

Nations, societies, and people work towards being affluent because they want to have freedom of choice throughout their life. When any of us find something worth it, he or she must be able to adjust the course of life accordingly. So, when you find something worthwhile, you must change your direction, but somehow, it is not possible for people belonging to affluent societies.

Why People Miss Spiritual Possibilities?

People have faced a dearth of spiritual possibilities just because they could not change their lives as they wished and when they wanted. The main problem with people is that when a spiritual opportunity approaches, they resist the opportunity. Sadhguru witnesses people coming very close to being true spiritual seekers, but they don’t accept it. The reason could be any, like he or she has a thirty-five-year house mortgage. People all over the world are planning their lives as if they are going to live for a thousand years.

Suppose you feel the divine next morning, but you just can’t change the direction of your life because you have a student loan, a home loan and a massive forty- year healthcare loan. This has been planned by the bank, insurance companies and the government and you can’t change this plan. While you forget that the god’s plan for you is to have a complete life. For the creator, you are all that matters. We can consider subscribing to the plans the insurance companies offer if it works. However, Sadhguru warns that living your life thinking only about what will happen to you is indeed a tragedy.

Importance of Living Each Moment

You might have multiple insurance plans and you might die tomorrow. This is a real possibility. Knowing that you are a mortal and you are not permanently here, is freedom in true sense. Sadhguru advises to be conscious of every passing moment and know how many more moments we have- they are limited and not limitless. If your life is only about caring about the mortgage, then you can expect your mortality much before your mortgage is over. You will believe that you outsmarted the insurance companies, as they cannot collect mortgage from a dead person. You must keep a tab of all the energy and time you are spending in doing things and activities that do not add any value to your life. It is important to take note of these things as you might do something for 25 long years and in the end, you will realize that life just did not happen.


Things can derail at times and many not go as planned but regretting later in life must be avoided at all costs. If something really goes wrong, you can just sit and watch what is happening while you realize that everything was apparently fine; it is just that you didn’t actually live. Sadhguru states that tragedy does not happen with a bang, it happens quietly. If you are either busy or bored, life will bypass you. In case a bus hits you, you will be alert after you got a few bones cracked. This is an accident not a tragedy. However, if you just sit and let life slip by, that is an actual tragedy.

Why Time Is Most Precious?

Nowadays, various commercial forces decide the qualities of life people live. You are given huge discounts by several commercial giants to own what they sell or to avail what they serve. You must understand that a clothing line which is offering a ninety percent discount, is nothing but a scam. Whilst it is your choice to invest money wherever you want but where to invest your life should also be your decision and not guided by any commercial forces. Sadhguru believes life is economics of our time, and we must be sure to harness this moment for our inner wellbeing. This is all what matters. Everything materialistic can come and go, money being one of them. What you must keep a track of is time, as once it passes, it will never come back.

Need for Spending Time for Inner Wellbeing

Investing Time for Your Inner Wellbeing and Its Importance by sadhguru2

So, it is very crucial to spend time for your inner wellbeing. If you are living with peace, feeling complete then that is wellbeing. What to do or what not to do is another thing. You must always aim to be healthier, not just from outside but from inside as well. There are several issues which need to be taken care of in life, but you must not be an issue in your life. This calls for an introspection and investing time for your inner wellbeing. You can do this yourself at home if you feel like and if you are unable, there are organizations that are available for the same. Sadhguru insists on spending time for your inner wellbeing and with an investment you can always expect an amazing dividend. This time your inner wellbeing!