Know How a Fruit Diet Can Benefit You and the Planet

Know How a Fruit Diet Can Benefit You and the Planet

Sadhguru has many a times stressed that our psychological situation can be significantly influenced by what we consume. Medical science also backs the fact that a fruit diet can promote psychological wellness. Sadhguru explains how a fruit diet is best for humans and for the planet, at large. The efficacy of a fuel depends on how easily it burns. This also depends on the kind of machine you want to run. For instance, the gasoline you use for any regular automobile is different from that used for an airplane and a racing car.

Sadhguru reminds that you would have seen the octane levels at a gas re-fueling station. If you are riding a motorcycle, you would have to pay almost three times than regular fuel and buy 100-octane. This fuel helps the motorcycle perform much better than other automobiles.

Fruits Are Easier to Digest

Similarly, fruit is very easily digested by the body, making it the best fuel for your body. If you want that your Jataragni or the digestive fires burn efficiently, then fruit are definitely the best thing to consume. Sadhguru feels that it is rather unfortunate that most people enjoy inertia and lethargy. Life has not touched them yet and they enjoy a part of them being extremely lethargic or dead. Intoxication, overeating and sleep seem better to most of the people than being dynamic, active, and alive. Sadhguru explains that fruit can be a problem for such people as it will keep them awake and alert. Fruits can’t actually keep a person intoxicated, unless it is fermented. You can really feel an extreme pleasure and intoxication, in an increased level of awareness and alertness, says Sadhguru. The question that arises now is can you eat fruit and still feel active and normal? Read on to know the answer.

Nature and Our Body Prefer a Fruit Diet


The answer is simple and surprisingly lies in your general life itself. Suppose you are sick and hospitalized, your friends will give you fruits to eat and not chicken biryani. Your friends and relatives understand that you got ill eating all that stuff. So, at-least now, you should eat something sensible.

When human life appeared on the plant, the first known human Adam also ate apple. Indeed, the nature itself intends that fruits must be included in your diet. The fruit flesh is nothing but a lure that birds and other animals get attracted to. They take the seeds somewhere else to help a new plant grow.

There are a variety of fruits and seasonal fruits as well. Sadhguru explains that the seasonal fruits available at a certain place are the best for the body at that given point of time. There have been numerous studies on the benefits of consuming seasonal fruits that are available in summers, spring, winters and also when the moisture is very high. The seasonal fruits are the best fruits you can eat at that time if you are residing in that area. While, if you eat fruits from New Zealand, that is another story. If you are consuming the seasonal fruits from the places around, be assured that you are eating best fruits at that time of the year.

Precautions You Must Take While You Are on a Fruit Diet

Sadhguru says that fruits can do miracles in the body, when consumed. You can become very active and alive, irrespective of your profession or intensity of your physical activity. If you are engaged in some strenuous and difficult physical activities, you might feel hungry every two hours on a fruits diet. For example, if you have to dig physically every day, outside in the sun, you might feel hungry in a few hours. You might have consumed an adequate amount of fruits but as the body easily digests them, you begin to feel hungry soon.

Sadhguru advises that if you go on a total fruit diet, you must give a bit more time to your lunch and chew the fruits slowly, to ingest enough fruits. Consuming just a little bit of fruit might also make you feel full as it is very sweet. Sadhguru advises to consume fruits slowly. Our bodies also have an internal bio-clock. If it takes around 10 to 12 minutes for you to consume normal cooked food, it would also take the same time in consuming fruits, when your body will register that you have had sufficient food. It is usually more dependent on the timing and not as such on the quantity of food you are eating. So, you might have to consciously eat more fruits because the body is not looking at the fill but is timing you.

If you are on a complete fruit diet and are physically very active, you can have three meals in a single day. If you usually sleep seven to nine hours each day, then for the remaining 16 to 18 hours, consuming three meals a day will be enough. And if your stomach feels empty after a few hours, Sadhguru insists on learning to cope up with high energy on a rather empty stomach. This is the time when your body functions best and you are the best possible version of yourself.

Whether you are engaged in strenuous physical activity or using your brain, consuming only fruits will be prefect. The only problem with fruits is that you don’t know what the fruits that are available today are filled with. Sadhguru clearly stated that the fruits we are getting these days are very different from the fruits that were available when we were younger. These fruits are much bigger, rounder and better in appearance, just like Botox.

These fruits do not appear to have the same strength, aliveness, and nutrients as they were a few decades ago. These fruits are especially grown for market and are not so beneficial to humans. But Sadhguru insists that these fruits are still not simple waste and we should supplement them with other foods to get adequate amount of nutrients.

Food Diet Is Also Great for Our Planet

Ecologically, it is much sensible to eat fruits. It would be best for our mother earth also. Sadhguru advises that everyone should have fruits, and these must make around 30% of your daily diet. While if everybody consumes 30% of their diet as fruits that come from trees and not from ploughed areas or crops, this can indeed make a significant ecological change.

If you plan to shift from heavy meats to fruits, you might initially feel that you have eaten nothing. This happens because you are always used to be pulled down by the earth due to consumption of heavy foods and now you are not being pulled down that much. You will be pulled to earth eventually when you die but until then you must spring out and soar high. We call it life, when we spring out of life and behave like we are not part of earth, though undoubtedly, we are a part of the earth. The birds that soar high are also part of the earth, but they do not seem to be. Life, when it springs out must not look like earth, even if we are made from the earth.

Sadhguru concludes that if you want to spring, the fuel (food) you consume must necessarily be easily inflammable and be able to burn quickly. This makes fruits the best food option. They are easily digested and burn quickly providing us energy and alertness. They leave least amount of residue and do not exert stress on our body as much as other foods. All these reasons might encourage to go on a fruit diet. You can also read Sadhguru’s tips to choose the right foods to promote your overall health.

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