Healing Beyond Physical Dimension – Can It Be Dangerous?

Healing Beyond Physical Dimension – Can It Be Dangerous?

Well, Reiki and Pranic healing work on the level of karma and involve manipulation of energy. So, a natural question that pops up in our mind is – is it dangerous or does it have some damaging effect?

To this, Sadhguru says that there are many healers across the globe. He quotes about an incident that occurred several years back when a healer from America came to Chennai. Multitudes of people gathered on the Chennai beach. Sadhguru was then asked by many if they should go get themselves healed and what this healing is all about. They told him about their conditions.

Sadhguru said that if that would be the case, he would be more than happy to provide the list and addresses of all the hospitals worldwide. He believes that it is the hospital, where sick must go and not the beach. Beach is where the healthy people go, isn’t so?

He does not say that there is nothing to it. In nearly 90% cases, there is nothing, but for 10%, there might be something. Sadhguru says that he is fine if there is nothing about it. He takes the example of a person selling you something, which is like… nothing. So, what would we say? We would say that he is just a clever businessman while you are a bit fool, but that’s okay since nothing wrong has happened to you. It’s totally harmless. You get the fun of shopping and the other person is just doing his business.


Many times, when you go out for shopping, you don’t know what to buy and you just purchase some “nothing.” You buy it, get it home, but don’t even bother to unwrap it. It remains lying only to collect dirt. So, most of the time, it’s about enjoying shopping and not what you buy. And, there is nothing wrong or harmful happening to you.

But, let’s take another scenario in which he is selling you ‘something’ that can harm you. This is worse than nothing, ain’t so? “Nothing” only costs you money but not your life. On the other hand, this “something” can cost you your life. So, Sadhguru emphasizes that it is those 10% of the cases when “something” happens that is dangerous and can be avoided.

In today’s world, all health conditions can be countered with modern medicine. What is the medicine doing? It is trying to change the chemistry of the body by putting something inside us from an external source? In some way, this makes our body to suffer. On one hand, medicine cures your disease, while on the other hand, it causes the suffering. After a certain point, side effects of the drugs start manifesting. So, when you use a drug or there is some external input, the equilibrium of our system gets disturbed.

However, with yogic practices, you can see that your system is not the same as when on medication. So, when external chemicals try to influence you from inside, you pay a price. But, then, it is needed. After all, the disease is a bigger problem for you.

But, chronic ailments don’t come to you from any external source. When you have chronic ailment, the disease is only the surface. And, the symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg. They only represent a small section. So, it is only the symptom that can be observed, and it is a very small part of the actual problem, whose roots are somewhere else. Thus, symptoms are just like indicators.

When people try to heal the condition, they address only the symptom because symptoms are what is thought of as the disease itself when they are just the indicators. Even if you get rid of the indicator for a while, the problem is still there. The symptom manifest on the body only to take your attention to the root of the problem. Thus, instead of noticing the root and trying to understand what should be done about it, if you get rid of the indicators only, the root will establish itself in a more profound and drastic way.

Sadhguru suggests that if you wish to remove the root, it cannot be done just like that. It needs to be completely eliminated from the system in some way. These are very childish ways of healing. People have not experienced life to the core and have not closely analyzed it. They have only observed the physical dimension of life, so they feel that getting relief from the physical pain is the ultimate thing that can be done. But, this is not so!

It is true that once the disease occurs, you want to get rid of the pain. You just want relief; no matter how. But, if you look at life a little deeper than just the physical body, you will realize that another thing that matters is how to get rid of the disease. If you devote all your attention in reorganizing and realigning your energies, disease will vanish.

Getting instant relief will resolve the problem for some time, but it is not a feasible solution in the long run. People, who genuinely practice spirituality would never take the path of healing as this way, they will only entangle themselves. Sadhguru says that these healing practices that have become famous of late are coming from people who acquired a bit of power and left their spiritual journey midway. They are using it only to market themselves.

Sadhguru says that he focuses on teaching people sadhana or meditation for liberation that allows them to explore themselves beyond all possible boundaries. People can acquire extraordinary powers through this, but he makes sure that they do not acquire such powers.

This is because he wants you to be normal and ordinary, and doesn’t want to you to become special by trying to show things what others can’t do. He doesn’t want normal people to play God as doing so may result in plenty of entanglement. These things are nothing more than just a slideshow. For example, when you go to any temple, you will find shops selling trinkets. As you get attracted to the trinkets, you won’t be able to get to the sanctum sanctorum. And, if you somehow managed to reach there, you will find all doors closed by then. So, Sadhguru suggests remaining focused about the aim of spiritual or yogic practices.

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