How to Get Rid of Mobile Addiction?

How to Get Rid of Mobile Addiction?

Mobile phones have really made our lives easy, revolutionizing the way we work and connect with the world. There was a time when there were no mobile phones and people used to go to a telephone booth to make important calls. And the things used to get worse when you stand in a long queue to make a phone call. But, mobile phones have really changed this. Now, you don’t need to wait in a queue to make a call, you can just grab the phone out of your pocket and dial wherever in the world you want to.

However, mobile addiction has become a topic of discussion nowadays. For some people, using mobile phone has become an addiction. They spend a lot of their time stumbling through various applications, losing focus on things around them. Sadhguru says mobile phone is made for our convenience. It makes our work easier and empowers ourselves technologically. The time we save by using mobile phones can be spent in meditation.

Sadhguru says that instead of complaining about mobile phones, we should acknowledge that they have made our lives simple. But, the reason why using mobile phone becomes an issue for us is that we don’t know how to use them wisely. We start using our phones, but never know when to stop using them. This is where it becomes an addiction. He says that the problem is not with the mobile phones but with our consciousness.

It is difficult to not focus on mobile phones when they are pinging continuously. Sadhguru says we can simply turn off our phones to control the addiction. Turning off the phones will put it at rest for some time, and while doing so, we will realize that the world can still go on even if we don’t stay on our phones all the time.