The Concept of Real Health: Balance the Inside Energies

The Concept of Real Health: Balance the Inside Energies

It is a common belief that if we are not suffering from any disease, we are healthy. But, is it true? Is being medically fit enough to define health? Well, Sadhguru disapproves this. He says being medically healthy and actually being healthy are two different things. He says that the word ‘health’ itself is derived from the word ‘whole’. He defines ‘being healthy’ as a sense of ‘self-wholeness’. According to Sadhguru, being medically healthy isn’t enough. A person is healthy in real sense when he/she feels complete within their own mind, body, and soul.

There are times when people are physically fit, without any disease, but they don’t feel the same way because they can’t feel the sense of wellness within self. Sadhguru links this sense of wellness with the energies in the body. He explains that if a person can balance the energies within them, he/she can sense the feelings of wholeness and wellness within themselves.

Sadhguru links every physiological and physical situation with energy. This can also be compared with the chemical balance in the body. But, people often think that they can balance chemicals in their body by means of medicines. Today, there are medicines available for nearly all health-related issues. People often rely on medicines to treat such health conditions. But, what they forget is that every medicine they consume has a side-effect, and for that side-effect there is an antidote, and for that antidote there is another side-effect, and this process becomes an endless cycle.

Highlighting the functions of energy in the body, Sadhguru says that we don’t need alkali medicines to balance acids in our body. Rather, we can balance them in our body by balancing the levels of energy. He further says that yoga is effective for balancing the levels of energy in the body, because yoga is not just about maintaining physical or mental health, it is also about balancing the energy levels. Yogic practices can give a person control of the inside energy, thus helping in the mental and physical well-being.


But of course, even after having a control over energy, a person may still suffer from diseases. There are various factors that affect the health and wellness of a person. These factors can be the water they drink, the air they breathe, everything can affect their body from inside. But, if they have their energy levels controlled and well balanced, these factors won’t cause much harm. The concept of maintaining energy levels might sound like a magic, but Sadhguru explains it as a different kind of science. He says that body itself is capable of creating enough energy required to live for longer.