Can Yoga Benefit People Undergoing Chemotherapy?

Can Yoga Benefit People Undergoing Chemotherapy?

Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy have to go through excruciating pain and lot of stress. Sadhguru explains whether yoga can of any help for people undergoing chemotherapy.

He feels that chemotherapy is a complex cocktail of both medicines and poisons together. The basic form of chemicals used in chemotherapy are extracted from mustard gas, which is rather a dangerous chemical. But we have to choose between damage and death. We then have no choice but to choose to damage our body, otherwise it could lead to death. Chemotherapy was initially considered as an indeed aggressive way to treat cancer but nowadays it is administered with expertise. People used to lose their hair while undergoing chemotherapy, but now the doctors have drugs to counter that. Now, they fix canisters in your body to slowly release chemicals in your body, it is no more a chemical warfare. Now, it poisons you mildly and gradually.

The chemicals cannot particularly identify the healthy cells from the cancerous cells. Doctors can just calibrate these chemicals to affect cells that are in a growth phase. However, these chemicals would then affect all the cells in that particular growth phase.

Chemotherapy Is a Calculated Risk

Sadhguru feels that chemotherapy is a calculated risk as no chemotherapy can completely destroy all the cancer cells. While if it gives you some relief, your body might just be able to handle more of it. The problem with chemotherapy is that all the cells whether healthy and cancerous are affected in such a way that none can multiply.


Chemotherapy is a risky decision a doctor has to make and there is no particular standard as such in this. Sadhguru feels that how your doctor administers chemotherapy varies from person to person. Few people have very little adverse reactions after chemotherapy, but others experience aggravated reactions.

There is no perfect formula, your doctor will choose the best option for you based on his experience and expertise. You might like to visit a famous oncologist, which is completely fine. There is not any perfect science to inhibit all the growth of cancerous cells. It is more like you will have to fumigate your home to get rid of insects. Similarly, your body has to undergo this process of stress and pain, to get rid of cancer cells. They can’t be just shot at.

Can Yoga Benefit You After Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy affects the cell multiplication process and DNA and strips off the necessary proteins thereby seriously hampering the body’s rejuvenation process. This can also affect other body processes if it crosses a certain point. Sadhguru believes that everyone knows there are substantial problems associated with chemotherapy, but nobody really cares about the number of problems.

After your chemotherapy is over, the primary task is to boost the rejuvenation process of the body such that the healthy cells replace the old cells as soon as possible. Sadhguru explains that doing certain things associated with the earth’s elements or Bhuta Shuddhi can be a great way to bring back body’s health. He recalls a few people he knows, never had any treatment after being diagnosed with cancer. They just spent few hours each day being a river or a water body, and miraculously they got rid of their cancers.

Sadhguru further stresses that medicine is only aiming at killing cancer cells, but the yogic practices help in improving the healthy cells to prevent cancer altogether. He still advises that not everyone has that sort of strength to come out of water, cancer-free. If you are diagnosed with cancer, the best option for you is to undergo a medical treatment immediately as the time allowed is very less and risk is alarmingly higher.

Sadhguru concludes that the elemental processes we do to bounce back after chemotherapy are of utmost importance. By doing general exercises, adhering to a strict diet, and doing bhuta shuddi can help you in regain your body’s rejuvenation capabilities back. While, if this does not happen, your body is trying to pull you down in various ways as the rejuvenation process is not good. You might be lacking that joy of being healthy.

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