10 Common Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder


During the travels through our unpredictable life, we experience a myriad of emotions and we feel like indulging ourselves in completely spontaneous activities that won’t align with our overall personality. However, as a reasonable and logical person, we understand there is a difference between thinking of jumping off a precipice and actually jumping embrace the impact. We take calculated actions that would contribute to strengthening the balance of our usual lives and we will make sure to emit a perception of firm thinking and decision making.

However, individuals suffering from bipolar disorder are not able to be as objective and calculated as normal people, patients with bipolar disorder would feel extreme fluctuations in emotions and moods and the highly volatile mental thinking would cause active hindrance in clear decision making and progressive judgments.

We have prepared a list of the ten most common symptoms of bipolar disorder to help the ill-fated patients and their close loved ones.