Simple Pinch Test to Know Your Hydration Level


We all know how essential water is. It keeps obesity at bay, staves off lethargy and gives you a glowing skin. But, deeming the conventional pee color test a myth, how to know whether we are hydrated or not?

Well, there is a super easy way to check the level of your hydration. All you need is to pinch your skin to test the same. Skin has elasticity, which is known as skin turgor. This allows the skin to take different shapes and then, come back to normal.

Pinch your skin on either side of the abdomen or arm for several seconds and then, release it. If you skin becomes normal immediately, it has normal turgor. However, if it takes some time, the turgor is poor, which indicates dehydration.

If we consider that fact that we all need different amounts of water to stay hydrated, it is not easy to keep track of how much water you are drinking. Thus, having a hack at the tip of your fingers, just like one discussed above, is definitely helpful. So, what are you waiting for? Pinch yourself and you’re your hydration level!