Say No to Painkillers – Relieve Pain Naturally

say no to painkillers relieve pain naturally

It is common to experience body aches and pains. Our first step towards getting relief from pain is to have painkillers that permanently lie in the bottom of our bag. And we are quite sure that the magical pill will work, and we will be feeling better within an hour. But have we ever thought of the health consequences of using these painkillers?

Our overdependency on over-the-counter painkillers to get relief from pain is understandable. They are easy to use and give quick results, so we ignore their side effects. But recent research [1] suggests that taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs like using paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly may have harmful effects on our body.

Keeping in mind the side effects of painkillers, these days people focus on natural ways to relieve pain. Here are some effective natural ways to get relief from pain:

Muscle Pain

muscle pain


When you have to sit down for 8-9 hours at a desk every day, it really takes a toll on your body. All this physical stress usually starts from the neck, back and shoulders, resulting in muscle pains. You can get relief from this physical pain by spending some hours at a gym. It may relieve not only your muscle pain but also help combat your stress . Alternatively, you can go for massage and acupuncture therapy or some natural muscle relaxants.



Irrespective of the type of headache-sinus, migraine, tension, the only thing that can be said about headaches is that they are the worst. Surprisingly, there are some natural ways to get relief from headache. You can simply use menthol or camphor, lavender oil, rosemary oil for getting relief from pain. All you have to do is to put these on your temples and sit quietly for a while. You will see that it acts magically as a painkiller. You can also consider using aroma therapy for getting relief from headache. In a bowl of warm water, add some drops of peppermint oil and you will see the magic. Through the divine smell your headache will go away in a few minutes.



Well, most of us might have suffered from an unbearable toothache. It mostly occurs at an inopportune time like in the midnight when you can’t seek a dentist for help. When you have that unbearable toothache, you need an immediate solution that can provide you relief.

Clove is the only thing that can relieve toothache. The eugenol present in clove oil is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and an analgesic which works wonder.
Dip a cotton in a few drops of clove oil and apply it on the gums of the particular aching tooth. If you find it too strong, then you can add few drops of olive oil to it. Whole cloves can also work in getting rid of toothache. Just keep one clove in between the teeth and bite it slowly. A salt water rinse will also be helpful if you are struggling with a toothache as it also prevents bacterial infection.

Period Pain

period Pain

Period pain is a common problem for all women. The pain comes every month and affects their life in many ways. The pain is so bad that they have to go for painkiller in order to get relief. There are many ways to overcome the period pain but giving some relax and comfort to the body during that time can surely help.

Castor oil packs are important for improving the blood circulation. Due to its ability to minimize inflammation, this helps in relieving period pain. Soak a wool flannel in castor oil. Then lie down and put it on your lower stomach. Cover the flannel with plastic and put a hot water bottle over it. Make sure to wear some old clothes and lie on a towel as the oil may stain your clothes. To get fast relief, apply warm oil on your tummy.

Raspberry leaves are very effective in soothing the menstrual cycle. If you are a tea addicted, it is an easy way to get rid of the period pain. It helps with the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and relaxes cramps.

Cuts and Grazes

Getting cuts and grazes with a broken glass or chopping board is common accident that we can’t avoid. These can result in bleeding and pain. Calendula oil is very effective in healing these cuts as it is a good alternative for repairing skin. It is an antiseptic and works quickly on cuts.

Try to relieve your pain with these home remedies. Make sure to consult your doctor if the pain continues. But first, try to overcome these pains and aches in a more natural way rather than taking painkillers.