Lose More Weight with Just a Pinch of Pepper

lose more weight with just a pinch of pepper

Various cuisines offer myriads of spices that not only soothe your taste buds but also offers a host of health benefits. Black pepper is one such staple spice and can transform those otherwise dull dish into a delectable fare. This also can surprisingly help you shed extra pounds off your body.

Black pepper is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fatty acids and minerals. These work as natural metabolism boosters and provide countless health benefits. Weight loss is just an added benefit. Black pepper also contains piperine – an alkaloid, responsible for the black pepper’s pungency.

Adding just a pinch of black pepper into your food can help you lose weight, much after you have eaten it. Black pepper remarkably prevents formation of new fat cells and suppresses fat accumulation.

How To Add Pepper In Your Food

how to add pepper in your food


Now that you know how black pepper can provide you a plethora of health benefits, let’s learn how you can add this wonderful spice to your food:

1. Chew or Gulp Directly

If you are the one, who can tolerate the burning sensation of chewing black pepper, you can chew have two cloves daily, every morning. This can significantly rev up your metabolism.

2. Consume Black Pepper Tea

You can crush one or two black pepper corns and boil it in water. You can also add a dash of cream or milk to this tea.

3. Sprinkle It Over Salads and Fruits

Black pepper is a great seasoning to your pizza and it can also be sprinkled over salads and fruits. This adds to the flavor of your food and also supports weight loss.

4. Add A Pinch To Your Beverages And Juices

It is a great idea to add a pinch of black pepper to your mint-flavored lemonade or buttermilk. Not only this will enhance the flavor of your drink or juice, but will also help cut down excess fat.

5. Drink Up Black Pepper Oil

You can add a drop of 100% black pepper oil in plain water and consume it before breakfast. You can also sprinkle this oil over your salads and vegetables.

Pepper reduces triglycerides, fatty acids, phospholipids and cholesterol level in the lipid and plasma profile. It elevates good cholesterol levels and curbs the production of new fat cells. Including pepper in your food will definitely help you lose weight easily while keeping your body weight in check.