Know Whether You Can Reduce Your PMS Symptoms with Keto Diet

Keto diet is extremely popular and people, who follow it, never forget to rave about it. This diet helps reduce anxiety, fuels workouts, uplifts mood and helps in getting ripped. What you might not be aware of is that keto diet can also help significantly relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. So, now you can do away with those pesky mood swings and cramps you fear about every month with keto diet, but only when you are following it the right way.

Dr. Josh Axe explains that a lot of women struggle with PMS or suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), who can be really benefited by following a keto diet. This diet can also help in balancing insulin levels, according to a study. [1] Insulin is a hormone that primarily regulates the blood sugar levels. If this hormone goes out of order, it can seriously affect hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

Dr. Axe stresses that balancing insulin levels can also help in reducing inflammation. Another study [2] highlights that when insulin doesn’t work properly, it causes inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation could impact other body organs as well, such as liver, which is primarily responsible for flushing out excessive estrogen from the body, explains Dr. Axe. As a matter of fact, estrogen dominance is a potential trigger for your PMS symptoms.

Can A Keto Diet Really Relieve PMS Symptoms?


Yes! And fortunately, research also backs this theory. A study [3] conducted by the Duke University revealed that women with PCOS, who followed a keto diet, had their insulin levels improved by as much as 54%. It also statistically improved weight, menstruation, fertility and other factors.

Dr. Axe says that he has seen this diet work for her wife, Chelsea. She experienced a drastic reduction in her PMS issues after she started following keto diet. Though, she was already having a healthy, whole-foods diet before she made this switch. Dr. Axe exclaims that Chelsea has zero symptoms in terms of her monthly menstrual cycles. He further encourages people to indulge in keto-cycling, wherein one need to practice a high-carb day once in a while. This makes this diet even more sustainable.

So, if you are struggling with usual, pesky PMS symptoms, you must give a try to the keto diet. All those celebrities, who followed keto diet, could also inspire you to switch to a keto diet.

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