Kettlebell Workout for 15 Minutes – A Busy Man’s Key to Stay Fit


If you are one of those busy guys, who find it hard to take out time for exercise, kettlebell workout is just for you! They are the odd-looking equipment like the one that your kid has or can be found lying at some corner of your home. A 15-minute kettlebell workout is a great way to burn calories in the minimum possible time.

Kettlebells have some advantages over dumbbells. When you pick a kettlebell, it’s similar to grabbing luggage or pulling out the dishes from the cabinet. A kettlebell is not a very balanced equipment, so it poses more challenges to your stability than barbells and dumbbells with the involvement of more stabilizer muscles; thereby, giving you a better posture. Fortunately, you don’t need much space for a kettlebell workout. This workout makes you feel more primal than dumbbells.

How To perform the 15-Minute Kettlebell Workout

This is done by alternating upper body and lower body movements and performing pushing and pulling exercises. Discussed below are some exercises that you need to perform with little rest.

  • These six exercises need to be performed as a circuit workout. Do the repetitions of each exercise and then, start the next one. Finishing each exercise will make for one round of the circuit.
  • Perform two rounds of circuit and take rest only in between these two rounds.
  • If you are left with more time, you can perform more rounds of the circuit.

1. Goblet Squat

Many boys squat improperly when they place a barbell on their back. In goblet squat, kettlebell is held and the weight of the kettlebell counterbalances as you sit. This activates the muscles of your buttocks and help you maintain a proper stance even if the mobility of the hip is limited.


Position your hands against your chest and hold the kettleball as if you are going to drink from it. Squat by pushing your hips down and back with weight right there in the middle of the feet. Kettlebell should be in contact with your chest. Let the elbows touch your knees. It should be repeated 10 times.

2. Kettlebell Swing

Although it is a full-body movement, it does not require much space. So, you can do this 15-minute workout at home. While you lower the kettlebell under and between your legs, squat. Swing up the kettlebells till the time the arms become parallel to the floor. Repeat it 10 times.

3. Overhead Rotational Squat

This mimics our everyday movements when we try to reach for stuff from different angles. Hold the kettlebell in your hand and press it against the same side of the shoulder.

Squat and rotate your shoulders on the same side in which you are holding the kettlebell while you reach down to touch your foot with the other hand. Go back to the starting position. This should be done 10 times for each side.

4. One Arm Kettlebell Press

It gives strength and stability to the shoulders by activating the stabilizer muscles, so that kettlebell can be held in position. Hold the kettlebell by the bell if you feel it’s challenging.

Hold it by the handle and let the bottom be up. You can hold the kettlebell while extending your arm at a 90° angle to the side. Let your fist be at the level of the eye. Repeat it 10 times per side.

5. Farmer’s Carry

This resembles how a farmer carries buckets of water or milk and as the weight is unbalanced, stabilization becomes all the more important.

Hold a pair of kettlebells in both the hands as if they are suitcases. Press your hips back and down, and lift the kettlebells. Start covering small distances and then, extend up to longer distances. You can choose to do one lap.


6. Man Maker

Take the position of doing pushups, hold the handles of the kettlebells. Then, perform a push up and a one-armed row with both the hands. Next, do another pushup. Bring your hands forward in the position of a squat. Now, you can release the kettlebells and jump from here. This is one repetition. You are prescribed to do 10 repetitions.