Harvard Scientists Reveal the Unhealthiest of all Vegetables

Harvard Scientists Reveal the Unhealthiest of all Vegetables

Do you think corn is good for you? And peas? Well, most of us would answer – Yes! Obviously, we have been hearing since childhood that all vegetables are healthy. But, you will be taken aback to know about a nutritionist who does not advocate eating all the vegetables even when leafy greens and sprouts are considered healthy by most nutritionists. As the summers are approaching, and people want to get in shape, a 2015 Harvard study of weight loss and diet is doing the rounds once again.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health studied the diets of around 1,30,000 people above 18 years over a period of 20 years. After every four years, the scientists obtained the food dairies of individuals and every two years, their exact weight was reported by the participants.

With these results, scientists were able to determine the category of vegetables that led to weight gain. With the collected data, they found that one vegetable, which caused maximum weight gain, is the unhealthiest one. Do you want to know its name?

Well, the study reports suggested that the participants, who ate more of starchy foods like corn, peas and potatoes had greater chances of gaining weight. Corn contributed to the maximum weight gain for every extra serving. But, why is it so? These starchy vegetables have more glycemic loads. So, upon consumption, such foods lead to intense and frequent spikes in blood sugar; eventually, making the person crave for more.


Also, the study says that the people who ate high fiber vegetables like string beans and kale had greater likelihood of losing weight.