A Complete Guide on Panic Attack and Its Necessary Prevention

Symptom 1 – Irregular heartbeat or violent heart palpitations


Even though an occasional miss of a heartbeat is not that big of an issue, but the consistent irregular throbbing and palpitations can be the active signs of a severe panic attack. Aggressive heart palpitations are the most common panic attack symptom and as a result, several panic disorder patients misunderstand a possible panic attack as a lethal, and dangerous heart attack consequently leading to an acute discomforting of elevated anxiety levels which can result in more panic attacks.

Hence, it becomes exceedingly important to know the difference between the two, and even during a panic attack, proper regulation should be made to avert a possible cardiac arrest. Lowering of the breathing rate is one such precaution that can help you get a leash on your pounding heartbeat, and even anxiety medication can also be taken.

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