8 Cancer-Fighting Fruits and Vegetables that You Must Include in Your Daily Diet

cancer-fighting foods

Remember, as kids we were always told to eat the greens, but we were those rebellious kids, who hated vegetables! However, as we grew older, we learned to be more tolerant with veggies.Vegetables are rich in all sorts of nutrients that give us strength to go through the day. Not only this, vegetables are exceptional cancer-fighting foods. Some veggies are better than others; corn is at the bottom of the list as it has a lot of starch and sugar content. Now, we need to know which one is the best vegetable.

As per a study, recently published in the International Journal of Cancer, [1] vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and orange and yellow vegetables like carrots, squash and yellow peppers are great cancer-fighting foods that help decrease the risk of breast cancer in women aged 27 to 59.

The researchers don’t have a reason why they are listed on top, but it is believed that it is the higher amounts of micronutrients , antioxidants and fiber in them that make veggies stand out along with their ability to prevent the growth of tumor.

Many studies have been conducted that relate vegetables with the prevention of breast cancer, but they are limited in their scope, particularly for specific fruits and vegetables and intense subtypes of breast cancer. This research provides complete understanding regarding the consumption of high amounts of vegetables and fruits for the prevention of breast cancer.


It has been found by the researchers that women, who consume greater than or equal to 5½ servings of fruits and vegetables a day had 11% less chances of having breast cancer as compared to those, who consume less than 2½ servings.

One serving implies a cup of raw and leafy vegetables, half cup of raw vegetables or cooked, and half cup of fruits. Along with these, more consumption of cancer-fighting foods, including several fruits and vegetables, is related to lesser chances of aggressive tumors. So, go high on the good stuff as it can save your life. Let us discuss some vegetables that are known to help fight cancer and tumors.


It is loaded with carotenoids that give vegetables and fruits the dark color and also helps fight cancer. Beta carotene present in yellow and dark green vegetables reduce the chances of various cancers like lung, mouth, bladder and esophagus, among others [2] .


These are laden with lycopene, bright red-colored carotene and carotenoid pigment, which also fights against cancer.


This is also rich in lycopene, which fends off cancer.


These are loaded with vitamin C, which decreases the risk of cancers of stomach and esophagus. It is also an antioxidant that helps balance or counteract the cancer-causing chemicals in the body.


Peppers too are rich in vitamin C. Yellow peppers have the highest content and green have the lowest.


Brussels Sprouts:

Basically a cruciferous vegetable, Brussels sprouts contains indoles and flavones that help fight cancer.

White Grapefruit:

White Grapefruit contains 1.7 micrograms of selenium which is higher than most fruits. The antioxidant effect is similar to beta carotene and vitamin C.


Spinach are rick in selenium and carotenoids, which are antioxidants that help fight cancer.

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