Can Drinking Coffee At Specific Times Promote Weight Loss?

can drinking coffee at specific times promote weight loss

Can weight loss happen as a result of coffee consumption? We have been pondering over this question for quite some time. So, isn’t best to hear it from the experts?! Some dietitians and physicians suggest that it could be the case. This sounds great considering our liking to have a cup or two of coffee each day.

Dara Godfrey, a registered dietitian, says that in the short term, caffeine can help boost metabolism. It is a stimulant and it gives signals to the fat cells to break down fat. It promotes satiety, so you tend to eat less as it curbs the feelings of hunger. So, it is believed that it causes weight loss. But, it may not hold true in the long term. Eventually, people who drink coffee may become less sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

So, what is the quantity of coffee you need to drink and how should you drink it, so that it is effective for you? Dara suggests that you can have 2-3 cups of coffee before 3 PM And says that you should have it black (without milk and sugar). She further says that you should have it before working out, so as to get an energy boost.

Ralph Esposito, a physician, says that you should replace your pre-workout drinks with artificial sweeteners that increase your appetite and kill good bacteria with a cup of coffee. Thus, you now have a valid reason to have a cup of coffee before you exercise as it will give you the required energy and enhance the process of fat burning.


Esposito explains how this process works. He explains that there is a hormone, known as adiponectin in the body which burns fat and sugar, and increases metabolism while curbing hunger. Intake of coffee increases the level of this hormone in women, which helps burn fat, particularly in people, who drink coffee habitually or daily.

A large quantity of coffee can elevate the levels of stress hormone and retention of weight in women. Thus, limit your intake of coffee to less than 4 cups a day.

Esposito further states that if you are experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and weight gain or bloating during your periods, you must simply avoid coffee. Coffee can lead to cramping of muscles, increase in the tenderness of breasts and irritation in the intestines; eventually, leading to inflammation and bloating.

For weight loss, Esposito recommends coffee and intermittent fasting (IF). IF is fasting for more than 12-16 hours giving a break to your body and allow your body to run on stored sugar and fat.

When you have coffee during your IF, it will help you cut out on cravings and hunger. Not only this, it will also force your body to eliminate fat from the stubborn fat cells, particularly if you have coffee during the last hours of your fast.

Let us take a hypothetical situation. Suppose you have your dinner at 8 in the evening and then, you can have coffee when you wake up and wait for some time before eating, so that your body can work on the process of fat burning. This actually works if the carb intake is kept low.

Further, if you don’t want to overindulge, Esposito recommends having a cup of decaf coffee prior to or post meals. Identify in which meal you tend to overeat. Decaf coffee reduces cravings and appetite through a molecule, called peptide tyrosine – tyrosine (PYY). This will restrict you from overeating.