10 Common Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder


A borderline personality disorder is an eruptive mental condition that hampers clear thinking and reasonable decision making, it disrupts the mental balance by infusing instability in relationships, a fallacy in self-projection, and error in the perception of reality. The murky mental condition causes friction in personal and professional relationships while also debauching the true personality of the patient. Aligning with the name of the condition, the patient is recognized to be only borderline affected and is still toeing the line of neurosis and psychosis.

Even though the condition is quite complex and complicated, it still exists within almost 2% of the entire adult population worldwide, females, as compared to males, are more commonly diagnosed with the symptoms of borderline personality disorder. The condition demands immediate medical attention and treatment, so the patient can be pulled back to reality. Although there is a harrowing research gap on what really triggers this condition, experts associate several environmental and genetic factors as the direct drivers of hazy and unstable mental health.

It’s important to ascertain the symptoms of the condition in the initial stages to avert permanent rupturing of mental health. Hence, we have prepared for you a list of 10 most common borderline disorder symptoms that everyone should know.