Applications of CBD Oil And Its Limitations

applications of cbd oil and its limitations

CBD, short for cannabidiol is a non psychoactive compound present in cannabis or hemp. This means that it doesn’t give a high to the user like marijuana. There has been growing popularity of this compound as it has been suggested to boost many health conditions.

It is available as oils, which is the most commonly studied and known form. It can be consumed as CBD gummies, and is even added in beauty products like creams.

You must be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of using CBD like any other product before actually using it. Some facts regarding CBD are discussed below.

CBD oil and Mental Health Conditions

It is very popularly used in getting relief from stress and dealing with mental health issues. The effects of this oil mimic those of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs without the side effects that come with these drugs. A study was published by Sao Paulo University in Brazil in 2017 which said that CBD could reduce anxiety in people having social phobia. It also pointed to the fact that CBD may also benefit people in early stages of psychosis. [1]


CBD and Addiction

As per Yasmin Hurd, Director, Addiction Institute, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, CBD is a great treatment for addicts. Hurd and team tried to understand the effect of CBD in animals and human in terms of how it may help with drug addiction. The result showed positive correlation in both the trials. Hurd said, CBD decreases heroin seeking behaviors. They are conducting further studies with people from the world to test the efficacy of CBD in treating addiction. It’s not a miracle or a magic wand but it has shown positive effects in many forms of addiction.

CBD and Pain Management

A study [2] which examined rats with arthritis revealed that when CBD gel is applied to the joints in rats, it reduced inflammation and pain in the affected joints. This can be extended to humans that CBD is beneficial in joint pain in case of humans. But more research is still needed. Many CBD users claim that the CBD products help in eliminating pain and other side effects that could result from medical conditions. This could mean that you may get relief from pain. [3] But extensive research is needed.

CBD Oil and Sleep

As per Michael Breus, sleep specialist, CBD has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety so this may help in catching your sleep. CBD also helps in disorders which prohibit people from getting proper sleep. CBD may also works in dealing with insomnia [4] particularly in people who have chronic pain.

Limitations of CBD

CBD products have not been approved by U.S. FDA. This means they are not monitored for dosage and purity like other medicines. Using CBD in form of natural oils is the better option as you can control the amount you are consuming.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

In some cases, sleepiness may be experienced on using CBD, but as it has already been explained that the oil can help with sleep issues. Some research also suggests that people also reported incidences of diarrhea when consuming this oil in large doses. But this has not been the validation of every study. Irritability and nausea are other side effects. American Academy of Pediatrics [5] says that it should not be used in children as it may affect the development of brain in children. [6]

There are not many side effects of CBD so it is a potential treatment option for a host of health conditions. CBD is considered illegal in some states
The law is confusing but CBD may still be considered as an illegal substance in some states of the U.S. Cannabis from which CBD can be derived is classified as a Schedule 1 drug which means that there is no medical use as of the current scenario and there is great potential for abuse [7].

side effects of cbd oil

More Research Is Needed for CBD Oil

CBD may come across as a miraculous product but more data needs to be studied before reaching at any final conclusion. And because cannabis has been classified as a schedule 1 drug, so there is little support regarding the positive results of marijuana and CBD.

Very little research has been done with CBD. Some studies show benefit while others show no benefit. So, the jury is still out.

Hurd added that CBD has potential medicinal value but it is important to take precautions. Buying CBD from the market or online, even in places where it is legal, comes with its own set of limitations for treating a health issue.

People should be careful about using CBD because not enough research has been conducted. The work is still on to get more insights regarding how CBD can be used more effectively for treating particular health conditions.