7 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

surprising health benefits of sex

Well, sex is plain awesome. Apart from the fact that it lets you feels amazing, it helps build an intimate bond with our partners. Not only this, active sex life is great for your overall health and wellbeing too. And, it’s beyond sexual wellness. here’s why getting between your sheets is great for you.

Sex Is Good For The Health of The Heart

Like any physical activity, sex is great for the heart. Keep your blood flowing and amazing things will happen. Research says that men, who have sex at least twice a week have 45% less likelihood of getting heart disease as compared to those, who make love only once a month or less.[1]

Women also get benefits from being sexually active. According to a study, women, who had regular and satisfying sex, reported lower risk of hypertension, which generally leads to heart-related ailments. Frequent sexual activity enhances the blood flow, which decreases the stress levels and results in lower blood pressure.

sex is good for the health of the heart


Sex Can Boost Your Happiness Quotient

We feel satisfied when we establish intimacy with our partners, but sex has therapeutic benefits too. A study on 30,000 American women and men found that making love at least once a week in a relationship was enough to make people happy. [2]

Research has also shown that men and women, who have sexual intercourse with their partners have better mental health. However, these benefits may not be extended to masturbation, which has its own benefits and downsides.

sex can boost your happiness quotient

Sex Is Good For Your Mental Health And Can Improve Memory

Apart from making you feel happy, sex positively affects the mental health. Frequent sexual activity provide protection from mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

And, if you want to make your bedroom experience unforgettable, all you need is to have mind-blowing sex. Sexual intercourse is related to improvement in memory and condition skills. Scientific evidences exist that claim that sex leads to the development of new neurons in the brain.

sex is good for your mental health and can improve memory

Sex Can Decrease The Risk of Cancer:

Yes, you read it right! This is another reason to get some nookie. The likelihood of getting prostate cancer decreases when men ejaculate more frequently.[3] Also, estrogen levels increase in women; thereby, reducing the risk of breast cancer.

sex can decrease the risk of cancer

Sex Helps Improve Fitness of The Pelvis:

Sex provides strength to the pelvic wall for better control of the bladder. Women, who frequently engage in sexual activities, experience less cramps and are able to give birth easily when the pelvic floor is strong.

sex helps improve fitness of the pelvis

Sex Relieves Pain:

This is a good news for people suffering from migraines. Sex relieves headaches and other types of pain. A study examined 1,000 headache sufferers and found that around 30% of people having cluster headaches and 60% of people with migraines reported partial or complete relief from pain when they had sexual intercourse during the episode.

sex selieves pain


Sex Gives You Better Sleep: If you have had sex before going to bed, you will find that you sleep better, which will freshen you enough to perform even better in the bed. So, you’ve nothing to lose. It’s completely a win-win situation.

sex gives you better sleep