10 Killer Ways to Build Muscle Naturally

10 killer ways to build muscle naturally

Are you one of those skinny guys, who hide himself in the backyard; get bullied often? Do you have a crush on that girl next door, but your physique doesn’t allow you to take a step forward? Do you often think of gaining muscles and being the hulk of your gang? Are you searching for a quick way to gain muscles and you want it so badly that you are willing to do anything for the same?

If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then this article is just for you! The muscle-building tips discussed below are time tested and highly effective if followed religiously. Continue reading to know the secret formula to gain muscles.

Ten Killer Ways to Gain Muscles

1. Keep it for an Hour:

No matter which training program you are following, training duration should never exceed the upper limit of an hour. Keep up the intensity and do not drag the workout for too long. This should be your daily target. Keep your rest period short, i.e., under a minute and follow the “work more, talk less” principle.

keep it for an hour


2. Be a Sensible Foody:

Make your meals your habit. Yes, meals should the first thing to get in your mind and should be the last one to leave. Stick to high-calorie, high-protein diet. Remember not to stuff up yourself with food. You must switch to “4-6 meals a day” diet plan and should eat up till your stomach is about 80% full. Your meals should be equally spaced, i.e., in every 2-3 hours.

be a sensible foody

3. Do Not Rely on Supplements:

Never ever fall prey to the supplement industry. A supplement is what its name suggests – just a “supplement.” It should never replace your diet and meal plan. If you are spending more on your supplements than your diet, you have already failed. The only supplements recommended are some protein powders and energy drinks after the workout.

do not rely on supplements

4. Take it Easy:

Do not be a hyperactive social butterfly. You should save your energy for a better purpose. Limit your activities outside the gym and learn to relax yourself.

take it easy

5. Have a Calorie Surplus:

There are lot of us, who think that no matter how much they eat, they will never gain weight. Well, to be honest, it is a myth! Your calorie requirement for basic metabolic functioning are high and that is why you need way more calories to actually put on some weight. If you are not gaining, you are not eating enough, or your meals are not that rich in calories. Have a surplus of around 1000 calories to what is actually required for your basic metabolic functions.

have a calorie surplus

6. Focus on Progression:

This is the key to gain more. If you want to increase the volume, you have to increase your workout. No, this is not about the gymming hours, but your workout should be progressive. Focus on adding one more rep, one more set, or an extra plate to your weights every next day or week. Lift heavy, if you want your muscles to actually gain size.

focus on progression

7. Change Rep Range:

Everyone comes across a stage, wherein they find themselves at a plateau and no matter what they do, no further gain happens. Until you are not in this class, do as you are doing. However, if you are experiencing something like that, try changing your number of sets, reps, or reverse the order of your exercise. You can also consider changing the grip.

change rep range


8. Hit the Buffet:

This one is for extremely lean guys. You should start hitting a buffet once a week; preferably, after an intense workout day. This will allow most of the calories to resettle in the muscles; thereby, giving you the best out of your workouts. Don’t over stuff yourself, but train your body to digest more food, and soon your appetite will increase.

hit the buffet 10 Killer Ways to Build Muscle Naturally

9. Eat More on Off Days:

Just because you have an off day doesn’t mean you will lower down your calorie intake. In fact, do the opposite! Increase your calories for that day. This is because, the maximum muscle growth happens on an off day, and your muscles require calories to grow bigger. Stuff up yourself with plenty of nutrients to make the best out of your off day.

eat more on off days

10. Focus on Compound Exercises:

Compound exercises are the exercises that involves training more than one muscle at a time. Some of the compound exercises are back squats, dead lifts, bench press, front squats, bent over rows and pull-ups. These exercises should form the core of your muscle-building training plan. Compound exercises allow you to lift heavier weights and work on several muscles at the same time.

focus on compound exercises