Study says, foot ulcers need to be treated early to prevent infection

study says foot ulcers need to be treated early to prevent infection

Foot ulcers are wounds caused due to diabetes-induced damages to blood vessel nerves in the foot. These wounds heal slowly and susceptible to infection. A new research proved that early treatment of such wounds helps prevent infection.

The researchers from the University of Leeds, England, examined 300 patients with foot ulcers. Nearly 17% of the participants underwent surgery to remove part or whole of their foot that was infected. While 45% patients of the rest of the patients healed their wounds on time. Dr. Michael Backhouse, co-author of the study, suggested that people could avoid the situation by being a little cautious. He said, “The key point is that people need to be seen quickly if an ulcer begins to form – that gives health workers the greatest chance of trying to treat the condition.”

Findings of the research were published in the journal, Diabetic Medicine. The researchers stated that the findings showed that prognosis of the infection is actually worse than their presumptions. Study’s lead author, Andrea Nelson said that diabetes-related foot ulcer itself is very painful and further infection results in more sufferings. Foot ulcers are caused by diabetes, and reduce mobility in patients. This condition invites other health hazards, such as obesity, heart diseases and so on.